What is family counseling? What are their purposes? what does it focus on?

Human is a social entity. It has maintained its existence in communities for centuries. For this, he needed communication. From past to present, people have used different tools and techniques to communicate. Many communication ways have been found, starting with smoke communication and reaching today’s technology.

So what is communication?

Is it just to convey something to the person in front of us, what we call communication?

If it were that easy, I can hear you say that there wouldn’t be so many conflicts and polarizations. Communication is conveying our feelings and thoughts in all kinds of ways, as well as conveying information to others.

The family is the smallest part of society. If we think of society as a delicious cake; Every ingredient put into the cake is families. The fresher and pristine the ingredients, the tastier the cake. Family counseling holistically aims to keep the cake always delicious. In particular, it aims to preserve the freshness of the materials and not to wear them out. In summary, family counseling can be attended by all members of the family as well as with the participation of a few; to enable people to establish better quality and healthy communication in solving problems; determine their roles and boundaries; helping him achieve balance; It is a form of therapy that integrates with purposes such as gaining problem-solving skills.

Unlike individual therapy, the focus is not on examining the internal problems of the individuals that make up the family, but on the relationship between individuals. Family counseling authentically delivers the same message to all members of the family. Therapy is not the change of the individual in the family, but the structure of the family and the way the individuals in the family communicate with each other. During therapy, family members will have some homework. These are the requirements for the process that will be determined by the counselor at the end of any session and requested by the members until the next session.


Communication problems

Unrest and tensions in the family environment

Problems in the child-parent relationship

Adjustment problems in children or adolescents

Alcohol – substance – internet etc. addictions


Divorce process (pre-divorce-post-divorce)

sexual problems

domestic violence

Infidelity (cheating) in marriage

Presence of individuals who do not take responsibility in the family

Existence of stress factors in the family (serious health problems in family members, bankruptcy, changing city/country, death, separation, problems with expatriate etc.)

jealousy in marriage

Frequent resentment and humiliation in the family

Family members’ habit of blaming each other

Economic crisis

Processes that begin with the mother’s pregnancy or giving birth

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