What is Family Counseling?

The family is a sacred institution that forms the basis of the society that emerged with the existence of humanity. Each individual develops physically, spiritually and socially within the family and gains an identity. The development of the individual from birth to death continues as infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. These periods are impressive and complementary to each other. Family counseling deals with the issue from the perspective of the effects of the family on the problems that the individual may experience during these periods and how the problems that may be experienced during these periods affect the functionality of the family. Family; It has a systematic and dynamic structure that evolves over time, which is its life cycle. Every innovation that enters the system is a situation that requires a new adaptation. In integrating the new situation with the existing situation, the family can get into a deadlock from time to time and disrupt its functionality depending on adaptation. For example; With the addition of a new member to the family, that is, with the birth of a baby, problems in adapting to parenthood, which is a new role and identity, situations that change when the child starts school, puberty problems experienced with the growth and development of children, conflicts, sexual issues that may occur between spouses, communication, infidelity, divorce, work. Many other issues such as change, death, mourning can upset the balance of the system. Family counseling is a service that will provide the necessary support and counseling in such problems that the family may experience in its systematic and dynamic structure. Family counseling evaluates the family as a whole. Family counseling deals with the problems that the family may experience in the life cycle within the family and develops solutions in this context, carries out the process with the participation of all family members, raises the relationship between family members to the highest level, develops an empathetic understanding, gains skills to solve the problems they may experience, and improves the relationship between spouses and parents-children. It is an intervention process that aims to strengthen the family’s well-being. Family counseling should be sought if communication is impaired in the family, conflicts between family members cause crisis, roles and responsibilities are not fulfilled, and this hinders the functionality of the family.

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