What is Family Communication?

Communication begins in the family. Communication within the family, which forms the basis of human relations, is to the circle of friends, school, relatives together with the child; From there it reflects on society. The communication of the family with the child plays an important role in the development of identity and gaining self-confidence. With on-site communication, the child gains the feeling of being an individual in the society and thus values ​​himself and his environment, and becomes able to manage his individual and social relations.

In families that cannot communicate, the child may seek emotional contexts such as compassion, mercy, and love elsewhere. This negative situation can lead to consequences such as substance use, substance abuse, over-reactive behaviors, and anger towards the family. Generation conflicts, which are seen as one of the biggest problems, can result in the individual or the child’s self-suppression and inability to express himself. While an adolescent is developing physically, sexually and emotionally, if he is not valued, understood, and respected as an individual by his family, the reflections of this situation will be seen in his own children in the future.

Communication between parents is also important. If the mother and father cannot communicate with each other within the framework of love, respect and value, wrong coding may occur in the family. In this case, there may be confusion in the distribution of duties and roles in the family. The mother should not try to establish physical, sexual and economic superiority over the father or mother. The distribution of roles and duties in the family should be determined within the framework of respect and tolerance. Everyone should fulfill the requirements of their role and duty and should value each other. Parents and fathers should not humiliate the mother in front of their children, and they should show a supportive and cooperative attitude towards each other. Children should not be involved in conflicts between parents. When we look at the culture, the concept of nuclear family is not used alone in our country. It is inevitable that relatives such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. will affect family communication. In this sense, we should be able to draw the border of our own nuclear family correctly, because the family is the social architect of the future; Individuals who grow up in a healthy family will establish healthy relationships in the future and ensure that the society lives harmoniously and happily in prosperity.

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