What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is the most common side situation in clients. This is the desire of the individual to eat in order to suppress negative emotions without feeling a physiological hunger. Emotional eating does not come gradually, like physiological hunger, but all at once. It happens when the person feels stressed, sad, unhappy, emotionally empty. Individuals usually turn to foods high in calories, fat and sugar in these situations. Eating fatty and sugary foods relieves the person for a short time. After the relief effect of food wears off, individuals have difficulty in coping with emotions again. He starts to eat again and this vicious cycle continues. After a while, you become addicted to these foods. Especially preferred fatty foods suddenly increase and decrease the dopamine (vitality) hormones of the individual. At the same time, sugary foods suddenly raise and lower the individual’s serotonin (happiness) hormones. When they cannot consume these foods, they show withdrawal symptoms; such as irritability, tension, unhappiness.

To get out of this vicious circle, the person must first be aware of emotional eating. You can start by consuming foods in a balanced way, if you are addicted to calorie foods, not consuming them at all will stress you out and you will want to consume more of these foods. You should also consume plenty of water during this period. Hunger and thirst can be confused with each other. When you feel hungry, drink water first and then wait for 15 minutes. If you are not hungry, eat something. Physical activity will reduce your stress and make you less likely to rely on food to cope with stress. It is necessary to keep a food diary and note what emotions you usually eat to suppress.

What can you do other than eating to deal with these feelings? Explore and get to the bottom of the emotions that trigger you to eat. If the feeling that triggers you is loneliness, you can try to be a little more social. Eating isn’t the only way to show your love for yourself. If you can’t solve your problems alone, you can try therapy for both your emotional distress and eating disorders.

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