What is Elbow Pain?

Elbow pain is the general name for pain in the joints, muscles or tendons in the elbow. This type of pain can have many causes. Usually, elbow pain occurs as a result of overuse of the elbow. In addition, elbow pain may occur due to infection, accident or trauma. Dear patients, in this article, I will tell you about the problems that can cause elbow pain and information that will be good for elbow pain.

Causes of Elbow Pain?

Elbow pain usually occurs due to mechanical causes. Especially those who do sports, those who constantly use a computer, keyboard or mouse; Those who strain the elbow joints may encounter the problem of elbow pain frequently. However, although they have low rates, elbow pain occurs due to different problems.

If I had to make a list of the problems that cause elbow pain;

  • Sprain

  • tendinitis

  • bursitis

  • tennis elbow

  • Golfer’s elbow (Medial epicondylitis)

  • radial nerve compression

  • Cubital nerve compression

  • Tendon rupture

  • stress fractures

  • osteoarthritis

  • rheumatoid arthritis

  • elbow joint infections

  • tumors

  • Elbow dislocation is among the problems that can cause elbow pain.

Pay Attention: Dear patients, do not neglect to see a specialist for elbow pain that lasts longer than a few days and affects daily life negatively.


Diagnosis Process in Elbow Pain

Many diagnostic methods, especially physical examination, are used to find the underlying causes of elbow pain. I would like to tell you about these diagnostic methods.

Physical examination: The first step in the diagnosis of elbow pain is a physical examination and this step is very important. It is necessary to listen to the medical history of the person and to find out whether they have experienced a trauma that may cause elbow pain.

X-ray: In the light of the information obtained during the physical examination, X-rays may be taken to perform bone or tendon examination. Problems such as stress fractures and sprains can be diagnosed with X-rays.

MRI:MRI may be performed to diagnose magnetic resonance imaging tissue injuries and nerve compression.

Aspiration:Aspiration applied to the elbow joint is a method used in the differential diagnosis of elbow pain related to causes such as infection or gout.


How Is Elbow Pain Treated?

Rest should always be the first option when elbow pain occurs. Because the elbow area has a very mobile structure, injuries may occur due to mechanical reasons. However, if the pain persists and intensifies, different treatment methods are tried.

Rest: When elbow pain manifests itself, the first few days can be expected to pass with rest. Resting will be an effective treatment method, especially if the pain occurs for the first time.

Be careful: We can talk about chronicity in elbow pain that recurs and occurs at close intervals. Therefore, if elbow pain is a common problem, it would be beneficial to go to a specialist instead of resting your elbow.

Medication:If the severity of elbow pain negatively affects the quality of life, pain relief can be provided with muscle relaxants and painkillers in case of severe pain due to injury.

Physiotheraphy:Physical therapy can be applied to strengthen the muscles and ligaments in the area and to reduce the effects of problems that cause pain.

Injection:Injection therapy is widely preferred, especially in cases of inflammation.

Operation:Surgery is always considered the last option for joint, bone, ligament or tendon-focused problems.

What Is Good For Elbow Pain?

Cold Compress: When elbow pain starts, you can relieve the pain by applying a cold compress to the aching area. You should do this application at least 2 hours apart and not longer than 20 minutes.

Be careful: When the elbow pain starts, applying a hot compress to the area to relieve the pain causes aggravation of the pain in case of a possible fracture, crack or inflammation. In addition, this application can be effective in the progression of the problem. For this reason, you should avoid hot applications without being diagnosed.

Exercise: If you have a complaint of elbow pain, it is necessary to rest the area as much as possible and not to put any weight on the elbow in question. However, with the advice of a doctor, exercises to strengthen the muscles in the area can be done.

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