What is ego state therapy?

Ego State Therapy (English: ego state therapy, ego- Latin ‘I’, state- English ‘state’) is an effective psychotherapeutic approach that works with the Ego-States, which are parts of the personality. These ego states (self states) are the energies and states of the ego that everyone has. The ego consists of various energetic parts (ego states) of coexisting selves. The real problems and difficulties arise when ego states become trapped in pain, trauma, shock, fear, or anger Instead of “just talking about it,” the ego state therapist interacts and works directly with the current self state. Ego state therapy was developed from trauma therapy by American John and Helen Watkins from 1980. Ego state therapy has become increasingly important in recent years and is used not only for problems, but also for strengthening, activating and optimizing the resources within the human being.

In ego state therapy, hypnotherapy methods are used. Each ego state can act functionally or dysfunctionally and exhibit varying degrees of dysfunction. Pathology is manifested by disagreements or lack of cooperation between ego states, especially post-traumatic. Purpose provides the cooperation and integration of ego states within themselves. Trance methods are used to reach ego states and to work with them therapeutically.

We all have many different ego states. Each of these states has their own positive or negative emotions, thinking styles and abilities, and their own personality traits. When we say “a side of me” we are talking about an ego state. Saying “I feel at peace with myself about this” means that my ego states are in harmony with each other. Different ego states add color to our life and enrich it. On the other hand, an ego state that is in pain and suffering can lead to restlessness and unwanted emotional reactions.

When two ego states clash, feeling fragmented or struggling to make a decision are possible situations. Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) and the Ego State States (Self-States) we have studied in Ego State Therapy are different and should not be confused.

How did Ego State Therapy come about?

Psychoanalyst Paul Federn (1871 Vienna – 1950 New York) was a member of Wednesday meetings around Sigmund Freud, as were Alfred Adler and Carl Gustav Jung.

According to Freud, personality consisted of three parts: id (Es), ego (Ich), and superego (Über-Ich).

Federn was skeptical of many different personality states at the time. To these ” ego states” he gave the name. Because the other ” to states” well ” to ego statesHe has observed that we remain connected to the ego (Ich) even when we have passed. Because no matter what ‘state’ we are in, no matter what self state has surfaced, we continue to perceive ourselves as ‘me’. So we are always in an ego state.

Paul Federn” ego-stateHe shared the concept of “” with Edoardo Weiss (1889 Trieste – 1970 Chicago). Edoardo Weiss shared this knowledge from Federn with John Watkins (Idaho 1913-Colorado 2012). John Watkins was psychoanalyzed by Edoardo Weiss.

Ultimately, John Watkins, Federn’s ” ego stateHe developed the concept of “” with his wife Helen (Germany, Bavaria 1921- Missoula 2002) and founded Ego State Therapy. John Watkins and Helen Watkins are the founders of Ego State Therapy. However, in many sources in Turkey, Paul Federn is the founder of Ego State Therapy. Ego State Personality Theory and Ego State Therapy are two different things.

The Watkins couple founded, experimented, researched, and taught ego state therapy to many of their students, and published dozens of articles about it and the 1997 book “Egostates – Theory and Therapy.”

What are the main goals of Ego State Therapy?

Finding situations that hide pain, trauma, anger, or frustration, and then helping people get out of that situation by giving them the opportunity to express themselves, being comforted, protected, and empowered.

Communication between ego states should be enabled or enhanced (” I hate myself when I’m like this!” indicates that the two ego states do not work well together or do not appreciate each other).

The goal of ego state therapy is integration, that is, the coexistence of different ego states in harmonious relationships. This is achieved by resolving conflicts between the various ego states and improving their communication and cooperation with each other. Along with Milton Erickson’s hypnotherapy, it is also used in ego-state therapy, individual, family and group therapy techniques.

Ego state therapy is suitable for a wide variety of work; from anxiety, phobia, tics and pain to acute stress disorders, post-traumatic stress and dissociative disorder are a few of them. The ego state model can be successfully applied in any field where psychotherapy exists, whether in children and adolescents, in performance improvement at work or in sports, in couples therapy, during pregnancy and childbirth, or in the process of loss and bereavement.

What exactly are ego states?

Ego-states are creative personalities that arise in us throughout life. Each ego state has its own emotions, body sensations, memories, fantasies, and behaviors, and its own desires, dreams, and needs. In ideal situations, ego states exchange information, communicate creatively with each other, and pursue common goals. When ego states do not agree with each other or do not communicate enough and do not cooperate, all problems and problems arise at this point. Such situations can create internal psychological tensions that can lead to major disorders.

Who is John Watkins, the founder of Ego States Therapy?

John Watkins (1913–2012), one of the pioneers of hypnotherapy, served as professor of psychology and director of clinical education at the University of Montana from 1964 to 1987. He is the founding partner of the International Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH). His wife, Helen Watkins, who passed away in 2002, is also a psychologist.

John Watkins Ego State Therapy Institute Turkey®

Ego state therapy studies in Turkey are carried out by Abdullah ÖZER, the founder of “John Watkins Ego State Therapy Institute Turkey®”. EGO-STATE-THERAPIE DEUTSCHLAND (EST-DE) “Germany Ego State Therapy” training program is implemented in Ego State Therapy training. John Watkins Ego State Therapy Institute Turkey®(REGISTER NO 2021 067362 TURKISH PATENT AND TRADEMARK INSTITUTION) was established in Izmir in 2021. Abdullah ÖZER received his Ego State Therapy training in Germany and is an Ego State Therapist accredited by the Ego State Therapy Association of Germany. Abdullah ÖZER is also an internationally approved Ego State Therapist accredited by Ego State Therapy International (ESTI). Abdullah ÖZER is the first and only accredited Ego State Therapist representing Turkey both in Germany and in the international arena. He gives Ego State Therapy trainings as a trainer at the Ego State Therapy Institute, of which he is the Founding President.

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Abdullah OZER

Social Worker, Scientist (Clinical Psychology)

Schools of Psychotherapy that he has been trained in:

  • Focusing (DFI)
  • Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP)
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (CSU)
  • Ego State Therapy (EST-DE/ESTI)
  • Ericksonian Psychotherapy (MEG-DE)
  • Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (VFI-Wien)

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