What is EFT?

The Emotional Freedom Technique, which we call EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), is an effective application in solving many physical and mental problems. It is an application that you can do by yourself at home, on the go, in the car, anywhere.

What is the Philosophy of EFT?

The cause of all kinds of physical and mental problems is actually the emotions accumulated in the body. These accumulated emotions disrupt the normal energy balance of the body, and this disrupted energy balance leads to physical diseases or mental problems. Our intention and goal is to drain this corrupted energy out of the body that created this problem.

How Do Emotions Accumulate in the Body?

From birth to death, the emotions we feel as a result of every unspoken word, every action that we wanted to do but not done, or vice versa, every action done unintentionally accumulate in the body. For example; your boss gives you an extra task you don’t want to do and you have to do it reluctantly. This feeling accumulates in the body when you cannot convey the anger you feel in the face of this situation to your boss. Generally, all our senses that we cannot express ourselves in the face of authority (such as mother, father, teacher, boss, spouse…) accumulate in our energy body. You can think of it like dirt clogging pipes. After a while, your sink becomes completely clogged and overflows. Outbursts of anger are a good example of this.

How is EFT Done?

It was a very effective technique that you could easily apply yourself at home. You tap or massage some acupuncture points on your body with your fingertips. Meanwhile, you are focusing on your problem in your mind. Our intention and goal is to drain the corrupted energy that creates this problem out of the body. This distorted energy leaving the body; yawning, tearing eyes, crying, burping, or a sensation in any part of the body.

In Which Situations Can EFT Be Applied?

EFT shots can be used in all situations such as anger, stress, fear, worry, sadness, guilt, insecurity, hatred, jealousy, lack of self-confidence, separation anxiety, abandonment, feeling of loneliness, abundance and abundance. .It is also a technique in which surprising results can be obtained in many physiological problems, habits (such as smoking, internet…), and some ailments (such as pain management, bowel and eye problems…).

Who Can Apply EFT?

EFT is a simple technique that people can apply both to themselves and to others. However, the person must have reached this consciousness beforehand and must have achieved the conscious-subconscious harmony. Otherwise, just hitting the body will not make any sense. Because; No matter how much a person wants to be sincere with himself, it is necessary to work with a therapist at the beginning, as he subconsciously prevents this confrontation.

It is not necessary to have any psychology training to apply EFT. So there is no need for such training. Understanding and embracing the simple human basics here is enough to help a person overcome their problem.

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