What is dyslexia? What is the Solution for dyslexia?

Difficulty in reading, writing, and math, despite a moderate or high mental capacity, without any neurological problems, may be a sign of a learning disability.

A Special Mathematics Problem: DYSCALCULIA

dyscalculia; It is part of the broad spectrum of learning disorders. In this problem, the child’s intelligence capacity is normal or above normal, but he has difficulties in the field of mathematics. They cannot decide what action to take in the problem, they understand better when someone else reads the question and they prefer to solve the problem in their minds. They are slow when performing the four operations, count their fingers, forget the hands, write numbers in a messy way, cannot put the digits under one another, write the result incorrectly or reversely, confuse the checksum.

They can perceive 6 as 9, 7 as 4, 3 as E, and draw numbers from bottom to top, zeros clockwise. They may have difficulty perceiving concepts such as number, distance, quantity, shape, size, time and money. They have trouble learning the time and multiplication tables, and may not remember information such as date, license plate, address and phone numbers. In addition, it can be said that their performance is low in geometry and fractional operations.

A Special Writing Problem: DYSGRAPHY

The child with dysgraphia has problems deciphering words. He tries to cope with problems such as writing the words he hears due to motor skill, visual and auditory perception problems, such as writing wrong, missing or reversed letters.

He can often confuse bd, bp, mn, zs, dt, fv, ğ-g and dotted letters with each other. Can perceive and write numbers as reversed or reversed (such as 3-E, 6-9, 4-7, 2-5, 10-01). The pen cannot hold it in the proper position, and pen control is also poor. His writings are messy and illegible, and his notebooks are untidy. It either omits or adds some letters and syllables. Reverses the syllable or word. It does not comply with spelling rules and punctuation. Success levels in written exams are low. He writes slower than his peers, cannot keep up with the class while looking at the blackboard and writing down what the teacher says.

A Special Reading Problem: DYSLEXIA

Considering the individual’s age, measured intelligence level, and age-appropriate education, reading success is significantly lower than expected. Some of them read very slowly compared to their peers, and some of them do not understand what they read. They often confuse the letters (bd, bp, mn, bm) when reading. They can skip letter by word and line. Sometimes syllables and sometimes the whole word can be read backwards.

They have difficulties in attention, perception, reasoning and memory, they often confuse the concepts of right-left, direction and opposite.

Dyslexia is not a disease. Therefore, there is no drug treatment to eliminate this difficulty. However, if this situation is accompanied by some psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression, it is definitely beneficial to see a child psychiatrist.

The most valid method for the solution of dyslexia is special education. The child passes the necessary psycho-pedagogical evaluations and it should be noted that the IQ score is not low in the tests measuring his mental performance. By taking the observations and opinions of the family and the teacher, audio-visual attention problems, reading and writing analyses, traumatic experiences about the past, motivation, areas of strength and aspects that need to be developed are examined. Most importantly, by raising awareness of the child with this information, it is underlined that the reason for his failure is not only his own, but can be overcome together. Thus, school lesson homework etc. It will no longer be a nightmare.

Dear parents and teachers; If you cannot solve your child’s academic problems with more exercises, private lessons and courses and your child has no mental disability, call our center and seek support.

Because; With the right education, children learn how to deal with these problems by gaining very different strategies and continue their education life with their self-confidence. Make sure to give them this opportunity.

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