What is depression?

What is Depression?
Depression is a treatable medical illness, a common and familiar term in society that affects how we feel, how we think (how we interpret a situation or event), as well as how we behave.

Depression is a constant state of anxiety and a feeling of the past, which causes us to be in a constantly changing mood, to feel unhappy and exhausted, at the same time, which creates our functionality that we used to enjoy, which we can do, that causes the work we do with our own power to deteriorate and we do not take pleasure from these works. It is a disease that we notice in our daily lives where regret affects us with repetitive thoughts. Depression can lead to a variety of emotional and physical symptoms. The most noticeable symptom is severe impairment in the person’s functionality. The person cannot perform work and social performances as before. He even avoids them, and this avoidance negatively affects one’s self-perception as much as it affects social relationships.

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