What is Depression?

Depression is a condition that manifests itself with some symptoms, especially depressed mood and loss of interest in the environment.

With depression, the person loses interest in some of the activities they used to do, and a decrease in functionality in their daily life may occur.

We can say that there are some symptoms of depression.

  • I am depressed most of the day. (Sadness, emptiness, hopelessness).

  • Significantly diminished interest in most activities.

  • Losing or gaining weight when not dieting.

  • Insomnia or excessive sleeping

  • Low energy.

  • focus problems

  • Thoughts of worthlessness and guilt

  • recurrent thoughts of death

These symptoms cause significant distress in the person. It can cause a decrease in the person’s relationship with the environment and in his work-related functionality.

Causes of Depression?

When depression is considered clinically, it is seen that there are many different approaches. Depression, as we approach it, is actually a process that emerges and continues with the effect of our cognitions, that is, our thoughts on behavior. When we observe people with depressive symptoms, we can see that they have all-or-nothing thinking. In addition, it is possible to see that there is hopelessness and some stereotyped thoughts.

Depression is like a vicious circle. The person feels unhappy, and with it, apathy towards the environment occurs, followed by inaction, doing nothing. This cycle is repeated over and over.

Depression Treatments

Depression is a condition that can be achieved by psychotherapists with some techniques in many approaches. Among these psychotherapy approaches, CBT is a proven method. CBT-based therapists aim to break this vicious circle in depression. This cycle is the collaboration of the therapist and client; The techniques used by the therapist are tried to be made healthier with homework.

Think of it this way, sometimes to have a hot cup of coffee or take a short walk to a place you love; How happy we are to listen to a song you love or chat with a friend, don’t we? Depression is their worst enemy. It keeps us from even these small but happy activities we used to do. But you’ve done them once, maybe many times over. Why not now again?

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