What Is Compassion, What Is It Not? What is Mercilessness?

Concepts; They are semantic maps that enable us to express our thoughts and beliefs. For this reason, human beings explain themselves with concepts. In order to make it easier to describe what happened, we must first have a good grasp of the concepts.

Master Necip Fazıl said, “Mercy is the elixir we need like air and water. A force that will turn an upside down society upside down,” he emphasized the importance of compassion that will soften hearts.

Man is love, man is mercy, man is hope, man is morality, man is virtue. Man recognizes himself in man, man is man’s homeland, as man’s spirit rises, his soul descends and his compassion rises.

Mercy;It is our most important and most precious treasure, which encompasses all the moral virtues cultivated in our creation, removes the hardness and gloom of the heart, softens the heart, heals the soul, body and human.

Mercy; It is a moral virtue that softens hardened hearts and enables love to settle over hatred. Compassion enlightens the mind and warms the heart.

Mercy;compassion, feeling, caring, trust, reassurance, sharing, self-sacrifice, love, respect, understanding, being understood, empathy, benevolence, tears, tolerance, patience, justice, responsibility, humility, sensitivity, hearing the cries of the world, softening the heart…

We can compare mercy to that clean and white blanket that surrounds nature after it snows. With compassion, we take our love and compassion with us in every step we take from ourselves to the other, to the environment, to nature, and we clean our souls, cover up evil, and heal our own and others’ souls, just as that white cloth cleans the whole place.

Compassion is ‘what is not’ If I talk about mercy; It’s not pity, it’s not weakness, it’s not always being kind, it’s not being silent in the face of problems, it’s not putting up with suffering, it’s not saying yes to everything you’re told or doing everything you’re told, it’s not ignoring or forgetting yourself, it’s not giving unlimited freedom to the other person, it’s not pretending no wrong has been done …

mercilessness; It is a lack of peace, it is a lack of love, it is selfishness, it is indifference, it is intolerance, it is envy, it is spiteful, it is succumbing to greed, it is arrogance, it is mischief, it is failing to keep a friend halfway, it is not keeping one’s promise, it is forgetting death, it is not doing good, but the most painful mercilessness is the death of the heart. Man must first have mercy on himself. One should realize how merciless harms himself, his environment and the world, and most importantly, how it pollutes the world.

We give something of ourselves for mercy; time, attention, patience, loyalty, love, interest, etc. There is mobility in compassion. In compassion, there is acting with the pain of the other, not being able to stay in place with his pain, making an effort to relieve that pain. In mercy, there is the ability to look with the eyes of the soul.

He who helps the hand reaching out to him as much as he can, feels better. Those who can share, run to the other, know the other’s pain as their own; in other words, those who have mercy live this life more meaningfully and peacefully. Mercy is good for the heart that can show mercy first, and the soul of the one who shows mercy finds healing.

Let’s listen to the following lines of Mevlana:

Be like the sun as in tenderness and mercy

Be like the NIGHT in covering up the faults of others

Be like AKARSU in generosity and helping

Be like the DEAD in anger and irritability,

Be like EARTH in humility and humility

Be like the sea in tolerance,


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