What is colposcopy and how is it done?

Colposcopy is a form of examination with a kind of microscope that allows to investigate cancer and cancer risk based on possible cell changes and suspicions in the cervix. With this magnifying-like device called colposcope, which is a self-light source, all external parts of the cervix that are not clearly visible to the naked eye during normal gynecological examination are examined in a much larger, clearer, and more detailed way. In women with abnormal smear test results, better evaluation of the cervix and a definitive diagnosis of cell changes in the cervix are provided by taking biopsy from the areas deemed necessary as a result of this evaluation.

Colposcopy examination is not a painful procedure. Therefore, anesthesia is not required. the patient’s position is as if it will be the same examination. With the light of the colposcope, all external genital organs are examined in detail with the naked eye. After the speculum is inserted into the vagina, the vagina and cervix-cervix are examined with small magnification for discharge, ulcers and HPV infection. After imaging the cervix, the pap smear is repeated if necessary. The cervix is ​​examined with the smallest magnification and gradually increasing magnifications. If there are suspicious areas, biopsy should be taken, especially before the heaviest area is skipped. The number of biopsies may vary according to the size of the lesion.

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