What is Cerec Application? How to make Aesthetic Smile design Cerec?

CAD/CAMsystem positively affects the success and aesthetics of the implant treatment.

Dentistry is the operations performed with the classical methods in dentistry with the help of a smart intraoral scanner and computer. The treatment time is much shorter and easier compared to the classical methods.

CAD/CAMThanks to the micro camera system, the risk of error is reduced to a very low level, and very successful works can be achieved with a three-dimensional image.

It takes 3-5 minutes to take measurements with an intraoral scanner. Your new tooth is prepared and bonded on the same day.

In digital dentistry, your new teeth are bonded within the same day, as measurements are taken within minutes and your new teeth are produced. There is no need to use impression trays and impression materials used in classical dentistry. This is a great advantage for patients with a gag reflex. In addition, much more compatible and error-free teeth can be made.

In dentistry, which progresses in parallel with today’s technological developments, laminate veneer restorations applied in order to meet the high expectations in terms of aesthetics can meet this need and aesthetic satisfaction is provided to the patients. Laminate veneer restorations are one of the most frequently applied restorations for this purpose. The most commonly applied type of laminate veneer restorations is the direct composite laminate veneer type in which the composite is applied directly. This method has various advantages and disadvantages related to the material and application technique. It is more advantageous than other techniques in terms of application technique, cheapness and finishing in a single session.

In short, direct type composite veneer restorations are an application that can meet aesthetic expectations, can be applied easily, are inexpensive, can be achieved in a single session and are highly preferred by patients. As the technical properties of the materials improve, the success of the restorations will increase.

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