What is carboxytherapy? Which regions are the usage areas?

Carboxytherapy is a method of injecting medical carbon dioxide gas under the skin for different purposes. Used for about 8 years. Oxygen coming to the region ensures that the fat layers from the cells are dissolved, and thus regional thinning occurs. At the same time, the increase in oxygenation relaxes the blood circulation in that area. In carboxytherapy, medical carbon dioxide gas is injected into certain areas with the help of very special fine needles. A device is used at this time. With the help of the device, the flow rate of the given carbon dioxide can be adjusted. Thus, no damage is done to the tissues. Sessions can usually be 2 or 3 sessions per week. It is necessary to do at least 8-10 sessions. Treatments are drawn according to the patient’s condition.

Usage areas

Carboxytherapy treatment can be used especially in the treatment of regional lubrication and cellulite, tightening of sagging and loosened tissues, skin treatments, postpartum or cracked conditions caused by rapid weight gain and loss.

This application is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, those with diabetes mellitus, those with coagulation disorders, those with acute thromboembolism and acute thrombophlebitis, cancer patients, those with heart disease, high blood pressure patients and those with severe kidney failure.

The place where the treatment will be done is determined by the specialist and each session takes about half an hour. Carboxytherapy is an operation that must be performed under the control of a specialist physician.

After the treatment, it is useful to avoid very hot baths and heavy work. Light sports and walking will accelerate the effect of the treatment. Tightening of the skin usually becomes noticeable after the 4th or 5th session. If the aim of the person is to lose weight with this operation, this application should be supported by diet. The diet is given to you by a nutritionist, taking into account your body analysis.

Carboxytherapy is not a surgical method. Therefore, after the sessions are over, the cells remain. With this application, the fats in the cell are destroyed. If you break the diet or do not exercise enough, it is possible for the cells to collect fat again. That’s why you need to keep your diet and exercise under control after the operation.

Carboxytherapy has no significant side effects. Sometimes slight bruises may occur at the injection sites, but this effect is also temporary. Some patients feel a slight pain at the injection sites. This usually takes no more than a few seconds. Depending on the acceleration of circulation, a slight feeling of warmth may occur for 10-20 minutes. Rarely, there may be a crackling sound under the skin that lasts for several hours. This too is temporary. Carbon dioxide is a gas produced naturally in our body. Therefore, it does not cause any reaction in the body. It can be easily excreted by inhalation. In carboxytherapy, treatments can be successful thanks to the intense carbon dioxide gas placed in a tissue section, and this amount is far below the amount that the body produces and expels in one minute, so the carbon dioxide gas injected into or under the skin with carboxytherapy application does not cause any harm to the body. It is done with a carboxytherapy device that allows the controlled transfer of gas into the tissues at short intervals. In some patients, a decrease in the desire to smoke and an increase in sleep quality were found on the evening of the application. The price of carboxytherapy varies according to the area width and periodic repetition.

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