Carbon PeelingIt is a unique pore / skin tightening and spot treatment that can be safely applied even in sunny months with a laser with a special technology.

Carbon Peeling The first step in the process is to cover the skin surface with carbon cream. The carbon ensures that the energy is concentrated in the superficial skin at maximum height. The application is completed in a short time like 15-20 minutes, it does not affect your daily life. It can be applied in all seasons. It offers a distinct advantage that it is painless and injection-free. Carbon peeling can be applied to any skin type. Dark-skinned patients can benefit from this method without developing side effects. The number of applications is at least one and at most 10 sessions depending on the skin problem. After the application, spots are removed, pores are smaller, tension is increased, and wrinkles are reduced. It is a method that can be applied to everyone without restrictions such as age and gender.

Carbon peeling removes the negative effects of blemishes, acne scars, collagen layer that has lost its flexibility, environmental and genetic factors in a very short time, and can make the skin shine even after a single application.
There is only a slight increase in temperature during the application in the patient and the process continues until the entire skin surface is completed. Carbon peeling application takes a total of half an hour. Patients can return to their daily life immediately after the application. After the application, the person does not need a special care application, but it is requested to pay attention to sun protection and there is no burn, redness or crusting on the skin.

With the application, the acne problem can be eliminated by adjusting the oil balance, especially in the skin with acne and similar problems. It is a reliable treatment option for patients who are inconvenient to use oral pills for acne, who have active hormonal problems and where topicals are insufficient.

Carbon Peeling It performs a peeling effect that is safe, fast and gives quick results, as can be done in all seasons and on dark skin. It does not cause burns, redness and crusting. Unlike many peeling methods, Carbon Peeling can be applied easily in summer. However, it is important to protect yourself from the sun as a precaution. As a result, it is a reliable and effective treatment that can be applied in all seasons, when the doctor’s warnings are followed after the procedure.

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