What is Bonding Application?

Bonding Adhesive System is a process performed on the tooth by using various materials at once.

It is especially used for closing between teeth. It is a very successful method to close between single or multiple teeth. It can also be applied to teeth broken as a result of trauma for any reason.

It is a system used in aesthetic dentistry.

In smile designBonding application is one of the methods used to get healthier and brighter teeth in every respect.

Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry covers a process in which general dentistry and some basic procedures are applied together in order to provide a healthy and beautiful smile. Dental Aesthetics treatment services include porcelain and composite laminates, metal-free porcelain veneers or bridges, teeth whitening methods, onlay fillings, zirconium bridges or porcelain on implants.

In Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry, providing a healthy and beautiful smile is very important in addition to general dentistry and some basic procedures, as well as the physician’s aesthetic foresight.

Facial features, smile expression, general condition of teeth are important parameters for smile design and bonding applications.

Dental Aesthetics aims not only to make the person look nice and well-groomed, but also to perform the basic functions of the teeth in a healthy way.

Advanced Aesthetic dentistry is a combination of science, technology and art, and its aim is to capture “Healthy and natural beauty”.

It is to design a healthy and personalized smile, to bring natural and aesthetic looking teeth and the ratio of teeth and gums to the ideal point and to ensure harmony with tooth correction.


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