In aesthetic dentistry, many treatment methods are applied in order to give the teeth a smooth and aesthetic appearance. One of these methods is the bonding method. Alright, what is bonding ? Bonding, a method applied in aesthetic dental operations, is the name of a material used in the treatment of fractures, splits and similar deformities in the teeth. The bonding material applied by attaching it to the outer surface of the tooth does not cause any damage to the tooth. The dentist uses the bonding material to reshape the deformed teeth and give them a more aesthetic appearance. The Bonding method, which is not used in the treatment of major dental problems, is only used for minor damage to the tooth. Broken or damaged teeth are repaired with this method, gaps between teeth, if any, are closed, and tooth lengths are brought to an equal level. In the bonding method, which is applied between 15 minutes and 1 hour, this time varies according to the tooth structure of the person and the rate of damage to the tooth.

Bonding Treatment

It is usually applied without the need for anesthetizing the tooth. bonding treatment It is a method in which the person does not feel any pain or pain during the application. Thanks to this method, in which the tooth surface is covered with bonding material with the help of a special light, deformities and gaps in the tooth are repaired. With this method, bad discoloration of the tooth is also treated. Staining on the teeth due to the consumption of foods such as tea, cigarettes or coffee can be easily removed by this method. The bonding treatment, which is usually applied within an hour, is very easy and comfortable to use. It is very economical compared to many other aesthetic treatment methods. bonding method has been in use for many years. Only at this time, it is beneficial for the person to stay away from hard-shelled foods. Because hard-shelled foods damage the teeth, reducing the lifetime of the bonding treatment applied. Biting hard objects with your teeth or consuming crusty foods shortens the lifetime of not only the bonding method, but all aesthetic dental applications.

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