What is behavioral sciences?

They are social sciences that examine human behavior in society or as a single individual, in sociological thought and as a whole. They are the sciences that deal with different dimensions of behavior. It is a branch of psychology that deals with all of the reactions and behaviors that can be detected by external observation (observation). Social Psychology, Sociology and Social Anthropology are the sciences that deal with examining human and animal behavior (Ethology) for different purposes, using different tools and with different dimensions. Fundamentals: 1.) Behavioral Sciences; treats behaviors within the framework of determinism, that is, in terms of cause-effect relations. In other words, it examines and evaluates the occurrence, change, causes and continuation of behaviors. 2.) Scientific methods are applied in research (observation, experiment, interview, test, induction, deduction). 3.) Each branch of science,
handles and concludes human behavior in accordance with its own goals. eg. a) Sociology studies the social organization of human behavior. b) Social Psychology studies the behavior of a single person in its spiritual dimension. c) Social Anthropology, on the other hand, examines human behavior by taking into account the social, cultural and geographical environment, by comparing it with the behavior of societies in the past.

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