What is attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? How many types of ADHD are there?

Hyperactivity is not mischief.

Not every naughty child is hyperactive.

This diagnosis is not a label used to describe “badly brought up and naughty” children as some people suggest. This disease is a medical condition with clearly defined diagnostic criteria.

Hyperactivity is not just a child’s mischief problem. It is also wrong to see this as a matter of discipline.

hyperactivity(not sitting still, being fidgety and moving, talking too much), impulsivenessand lack of attention(easily distracted, inability to maintain attention, inability to direct attention to what one is doing, inability to finish the work started, irregular work, disorganization, forgetfulness) tableau, which is a developmental problem characterized by ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDERIt’s called ADHD.

For this diagnosis to be made, the symptoms must be present before the age of seven, persist for at least six months, and be greater than in normal individuals.

How Many Types of ADHD Are There?

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder children with three separate groupstael taken:

1.Both Cautionboth hyperactivity-impulsivitythose with problems.

2.Only Cautionthose with problems.

3.Only hyperactivity-impulsivitythose with problems.

How Often Is ADHD Observed?

It is a common ailment in school-age children. Approximately 5-8% of primary school children have this disorder. It is seen 4-8 times more in boys than girls. Malein their children hyperactivity-impulsivityproblems , girlin their children lack of attentionsymptoms Front plan.

What Causes ADHD?

It is claimed that heredity plays the most important role in the emergence of the disease and other factors are alcohol and/or smoking during pregnancy, diseases of the mother during pregnancy, problems experienced before birth, birth and postpartum, brain damage to the child, lead poisoning, disorders in family structure and functioning. is being done.

Is ADHD Treatment Necessary? What Happens When Untreated

As this disorder does not resolve on its own, 2/3 of these children face problems such as repetition of grade, expulsion or expulsion from school. The upbringing of these children in adverse environmental conditions ‘conduct disorder’increase their risk and get into more trouble with the law.

ADHDWhat are the Symptoms of

These children are excessive for their peers. is mobile. Symptoms such as haste, not being able to postpone their requests, responding to questions very quickly without thinking, interrupting others and having difficulty in waiting their turn are seen. In their infancy, their moodiness, lack of sleep and lack of food are frustrating for parents. In the pre-school period, he runs around the house, climbs high, walks over the cabinets, as if being pushed by a motor There is excessive mobility. These children cannot sit, even for a short time, and play calmly. They fidget, if their hands stop, their feet do not. ‘stop’ and ‘don’t’they do not understand your word.

In addition to hyperactivity, the symptom that has a negative effect on learning is attention deficit. There may be symptoms such as difficulty in concentrating on a point, being easily distracted by external stimuli, forgetfulness, frequent loss of belongings or toys, and disorder. These children’s interests are short-lived. It is difficult to set up and maintain a game. Being able to watch television for a long time or play with an arcade-computer does not indicate that he does not have attention problems. They get bored quickly and quickly move from one activity to another. They don’t like to wait, they want things to be done right away because of their impatience.

In school periods, they do not like to study. The sitting time at the desk is very short. They often get up from the table with various excuses or want to work with the mother. They cannot watch the lecture in the classroom. They make very simple mistakes in exams due to carelessness. They even give wrong answers to questions they know the answer to. Because they get bored quickly, they answer some questions without reading them. They cannot do their homework on their own without someone by their side.

Third main symptom impulsiveness that is, to take action without thinking about the end. Later They do things they will regret without thinking about the end. . They may taunt others verbally or de facto and cause discomfort. He is declared an unwanted child by his friends due to his incompatibility, not waiting for his turn and not following the rules. He can be exaggerated and cruel in his reactions. without thinking back and forth they can act fearlessly . These behaviors can lead them to face various dangers. They go to places that are dangerous and forbidden to go out. It can go very far from home.

Dangerous; They can play with flammable, cutting and piercing tools. These children do not know where to stand because of their difficulties in controlling themselves. Impulsivity, which can be described as “taking action without thinking about the end”, also greatly disrupts the child’s social adaptation. The child cannot help himself to do some behaviors that he knows not to do and that he knows are wrong. He harms the people and things around him, then gets upset, but after a short time he may repeat the same bad behavior.They get a great reaction because of their reaction to all restrictions and sanctions, from simple rules to be followed to moral principles. They are constantly scolded, insulted, and sometimes punished.

Is There a Cure for This Discomfort?

ADHD treatment is taken simply by some. In fact, the correction of this disorder of the child with visual impairment may not be considered vital. However, we know that it affects a person’s quality of life, relationships with the environment, work and school success. ADHD is like that. It is not vital. But it affects life.

In ADHD, the combination of drug therapy and structured advice, support and behavior education program is considered the best way.

Used main purpose of drugs To increase the child’s attention and to control his movements. Very good results are obtained from the drugs used for this purpose. There is a misconception that the drugs used will numb the children or cause addiction.

How Should These Children Be Approached?

Violence to be applied under the pretext of educating these children and immeasurable penalties exacerbates the problem. However, what needs to be done is to keep the borders quite flexible without damaging the basic rules and leaving them unattended.

The majority of children with severe ADHD need primarily drug therapy.

In addition to drug treatment of this medical condition, with educational treatments support is also necessary. Although ADHD is not caused by bad parents or teachers, it will be given to family and teachers with structured recommendations, supportive and behavioral programsIt is possible to make positive changes in the child’s behavior and in directing his attention.

It may also be necessary for them to be taken into individual education in small classes where their individual characteristics will be taken into account or as a support to the school.

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