What is arm lift surgery?

The sagging between the shoulder and the elbow, especially on the inside, spoils the aesthetic appearance. The most common cause of these sagging in the upper arm is weight gain and loss and gravity. When you gain weight, the fat accumulation in your arm will increase, and accordingly the skin will expand.

Arm lift surgery treatment is the removal of excess. Up to a certain level, liposuction may be sufficient. However, the enlargement of the skin above a certain level prevents the treatment from being performed only with liposuction. Because after removing the fat under the skin in this area, the skin does not shrink above a certain level. In this case, the excess in the inner part of the arm is removed as skin + fat, and your arm becomes tense. The most frequently asked question about arm lift surgery is will there be a scar? Unfortunately, yes, no matter what you do, some scars remain. You are the one to decide here. Either you will continue to live with drooping arms or you will continue to be tense but with some scars.

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