What is anxiety?

Anxiety has a place in our lives and is an indispensable emotion for us to continue our lives, sometimes we start a job by worrying, sometimes we worry and quit a job, that is, anxiety plays a leading role in many of the changes we make about our lives. In order to gain motivation in many subjects; For example, it plays a role in shaping our lives in many issues such as studying more with the anxiety of failing or quitting a job before starting a job with the worry that I will not be able to do it anyway. Sometimes our reactions when we are worried also differ. If we are reacting more than normal, if we are affected negatively mentally and physically, we may have lost control. As long as we can control this emotion we experience, we can continue our lives in a healthy and quality way, but when it takes our control away from us, then things can turn around. Life becomes difficult for us and we start looking for solutions. At this point, the best solution we can come up with is to get psychotherapy support. Psychotherapy will raise awareness in this regard, as in many other subjects, and will lay the groundwork for us to lead a better quality of life.

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