What is anxiety?

Anxiety; It is defined as sadness mixed with worry, worry as a word meaning.

Anxiety, which we can also call anxiety, anxiety or distress, is a different set of feelings and emotions experienced by everyone from time to time, which suddenly leads to the need to take a deep breath as if out of breath. It is as if there is a heavy mass that clings to one’s heart, too dense to lift, too strange to describe, too helpless to get out of.

This is such a feeling that a person does not want to meet, but suddenly finds it stuck with him and cannot throw it away. There is negativity in anxiety, a bad effect, the feeling that something is going to happen. This feeling is the feeling that leads one towards fear. Like the fear of the unknown, it is an undefinable, frightening condition that is close to happening at any moment, every second. Fear is shaped by both the manifestation of physical reactions and the manifestation of negative emotions in the face of a real danger that may come from outside.

Physical reactions are accompanied by thoughts and these reactions and/or thoughts are always unsettling. Restlessness makes a person nervous and anxious. The gradual increase in the dose of tension also shapes the dose of anxiety. It can be a concern related to a single area, or it can encompass many areas.


chest pain
pain, ache
Stomach ache
feeling of fainting
hot flashes
dry mouth
inability to breathe
Frequent urination or urgency
Anxiety, like every emotion, is necessary for a person to survive and to get satisfaction from life.

So the aim is not to completely eliminate anxiety, but not to succumb to anxiety and to use it for our own benefit by keeping the anxiety at a certain level. A normal level of anxiety helps the person to desire, make decisions, produce energy in line with the decisions taken and increase his performance by using this energy.

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