What is angiography?

The word meaning of angiography is “vein picture” (vessel display).

Various methods can be used to visualize and examine the vessels in our body:

1- Color Doppler ultrasonography

2- Angiography created by computerized tomography method (computerized tomographic angiography: CTA)

3- Angiography created by magnetic resonance imaging (magnetic resonance angiography: MRA)

4- Conventional / catheter angiography: In the angiography device developed for this purpose, a thin tube called a catheter (1.5 – 2 mm diameter polyethylene tube) is entered into the vein to reach the vein to be examined and contrast material is injected into the vein to view the vein and its flow characteristics.

The most reliable method among the above-mentioned methods is catheter angiography. How successful and reliable the other three methods are is evaluated according to how compatible their results are with the catheter angiography findings. Therefore, the “gold standard” for vessel imaging is the catheter-applied angiography method.

lateral projeksiyon
A- Catheter angiography showing cerebral vessels (lateral projection)

ap projeksiyon

B- Catheter angiography showing cerebral vessels (AP projection)

beyin damarlari

C- CT angiography (brain vessels)

boyun damarlari

D- CT angiography ( neck veins )

prof. Dr. Ozenc MINARECI

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