What is anger control? How to control anger?

Before we talk about the anger issue, first of all, we need to start with the fact that it is not an easy process for people to get along with each other. It is not always possible to come to terms with our relatives and friends, let alone foreigners. So why?

*Understanding the story – the ground – understanding the needs.
*To understand the ground is to know that not everyone is the same.
* Recognizing that not everyone is the same. What are we saying then?
*Emotions are normal.
* Feelings are temporary.
* Emotions lie.
That means; Our emotions are like clouds, they come and go. It’s like the sky, when it closes and lights up… Let’s continue with a beautiful story…
Someone asks the man standing at the crossroads in broad daylight with a lamp in his hand. What’s wrong with walking around with a lamp in the middle of the street during the daytime? I’m looking for a man who is in control of his anger.
Anger: It is an emotion that an individual feels when faced with a situation of frustration, being attacked, hurt, deprived or perceived as a threat.

 Anger is an emotion that encourages human beings to resist in dangerous situations, to fight, and thus to maintain their lineage since ancient times.
 Today, we hardly come face to face with the dangers that require bodily fighting, apart from wars. Threats to life were replaced by threats to personal identity.
 The situations that cause anger can usually be a person we know, traffic, financial difficulties, being wronged, blocked, or a behavior that we are not happy with ourselves.
 Anger itself is not a problem. Even to hear against injustice, to make some changes in life. It’s an emotion that works when needed. However, when anger turns into aggression, it harms the person and the people around them and becomes a serious problem.


In summary, it can be said that;
 When we feel shame,
 When we are disappointed,
 When we feel blocked,
 When we are treated unfairly,
 When we feel jealous,
 When we feel lonely, pushed, anxious,
 When we are bored, we feel that we are not understood, our feelings of anger awaken.

Our beliefs govern our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our behavior. The ones behind the anger are;
 Fear
 Rejection
 Humiliation
 I am not appreciated
 Injury
 Shame
 Anger
 Disappointment


 Anger has become a problem when it creates stress, health problems, problems in relationships, or depressive states.
 What makes anger a problem for some people is their inability to express it.
 These people do not become angry even when it is natural to be angry, and because they cannot give their natural reactions, the accumulated anger harms themselves.
 The opposite is true; For some people, every situation creates anger. Such people get angry at everything by interpreting everything negatively. They are very likely to experience physical and mental health problems in the long run, as they are in a lot of trouble. As a result, directing anger inward and outward negatively affects both the person’s mental and physical health and relationships, and anger becomes a problem.

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