What is an implant?

Today, with the developing technology, implant treatments have become very common. So what is an implant?

Implants are a kind of titanium screws placed inside the jawbone in tooth deficiencies. Thus, while the titanium part imitates the root of the tooth, you can use it as if it were your own tooth with the coating to be made on it.

Bridge or implant?

If you are going to have a coating on your teeth, the teeth in front and behind the gap area are made smaller and a bridge is made on it. In implant treatment, your treatment can be completed with an implant that will be placed in the jawbone without touching your own teeth. But what if you have more than one missing tooth and you are using a removable denture? Implants are the ideal method to restore your chewing functions that you have missed for years. So, can implants be applied to everyone? Before implant applications, the condition of your bone tissue and surrounding anatomical formations are evaluated with various radiological examinations. There may be situations where your bone is considered insufficient for implant placement, although this prolongs the treatment process, it is not an obstacle to treatment. In this case, with various bone powder applications, your bone can be brought to the appropriate level and volume for implant placement.

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