What is an implant?

What is an implant?

Implant is the name given to a kind of screw placed in the jawbone with the aim of completing the missing teeth. The material from which the implant is made is titanium. Its compatibility with the tissue and bonding to the bone is very good. The percentage of causing allergic reactions is quite low. Once the implant is placed, it becomes a part of the body and shows maximum durability.

In single tooth deficiencies, the implants allow the gaps to be filled without the need for cutting adjacent teeth, and it is possible to make more retaining and comfortable prostheses by taking support from these implants in complete edentulism.


What are the stages of the implant?


Correct planning and diagnosis are very important for a good implant. After the patient undergoes clinical and radiographic examination for the implant, the doctor examines whether the jaw structures have the appropriate width and depth so that implants of certain length and diameter can be placed. Advanced surgical techniques may sometimes be required to make the jawbone suitable. After the procedures are completed, the necessary surgical intervention is performed to place the implant in the bone.

Are all implant applications successful?

For implants to be successful, certain conditions must be met; Good general health, a high level of oral hygiene, adequate healing potential in the tissue, and accurate planning and diagnosis are required for placement of the implant. In addition, it is a very important issue that the appropriate surgery and appropriate prosthesis have been made by the physician. Excessive alcohol intake and smoking are among the factors that negatively affect the success of the implant.

How is oral care done after implant application?

After implant surgery, a certain period of time should be waited for the implant and bone to fuse. After the healing process, the dentist attaches the prosthesis to the implant, in this way, a structure that is attached to a fixed structure placed in the bone and imitating the real tooth is obtained. The necessary applications for fixed and removable prosthesis are made on this structure and the prosthesis stage is thus completed.

What Materials Are Implant Made Of?

Screws, plates and nails made of titanium metal are called implants. It is added to replace the lost tooth and has no side effects for the organism. The name given to the implant process is implantationis rare.

Preferred implants are screw or cylindrical. The size of the implant is the size of the average tooth root, with a diameter of 3.5-4 mm. Implants perform the duties of missing natural teeth.


Why Is The Implant Made Of Titanium Metal?

Today, the most used metal type as an implant material is titanium. Titanium is a metal type that has good tissue compatibility and has been safely preferred in many medical fields for years. It is made into a cylinder or screw shape and ready to be used as an implant after some special processes.

How Long Is the Implant Treatment Period?

The duration of implant treatment varies according to the tooth and bone structure. Depending on the type of operation, the duration of implant treatment will vary. In general, the application ends in the third month after the first operation.

Where Is Implant Treatment Performed?

In terms of the health of the person, it is important to obtain sufficient and correct information before starting the implant treatment. Implant treatment is a form of treatment that improves the quality of life of people and gives clear results in correctly selected cases and when done properly.

You can have the implant treatment done by the dentists in the dental clinics. Implant is a frequently preferred application in our country as it is all over the world.


Advantages of Implant Treatment

  • First of all, a better view
  • The ability to eat everything, a better chew
  • Having a happier social life, self-confidence
  • More regular and healthy eating
  • Without resorption of the jawbone (without melting)preservation

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