What is an ectopic pregnancy?

ExternalWhat is pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is defined as the placement of the baby outside the uterus that should have been implanted in the uterus. It occurs in about 2% of all pregnancies. The most common location is the tubes. It can settle on the ovaries, the abdominal cavity or even on the intestines.

ectopic pregnancy in a tube

ExternalWhat are the factors that increase the probability of pregnancy?

  • Having had a previous ectopic pregnancy
  • Prior tube surgery
  • The tube is tied
  • Presence of intrauterine device
  • Infertility
  • Assisted reproductive techniques (Vaccination and IVF)
  • Having a pelvic infection (inflammation of the uterus, tubes, and ovaries)
  • To smoke
  • Sexual intercourse with many different people
  • Having had a previous cesarean delivery


Vaginal bleeding and groin pain after missed menstruation are the most common complaints in ectopic pregnancy. If you have these complaints, you should consult your doctor without wasting any time. In delayed cases, fainting, sweating, falling, and death may occur as a result of the ectopic pregnancy bursting into the abdomen and excessive bleeding.


USG is very important in diagnosis. If the blood pregnancy test is over 1000 units and there is no gestational sac in the uterus, a preliminary diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is made. An ectopic pregnancy can be seen on USG.


If there are suitable conditions in the treatment, drug treatment can be planned. If the general condition of the patient is good, if the baby’s heartbeat is not observed in ectopic pregnancy, if the ectopic pregnancy diameter is below 4 cm, if the blood pregnancy test is below 15000 units, if there is no contraindication for the drug, drug therapy can be given. As a medicine, methotrexate, which is actually a cancer medicine, is used in low doses. While it can be used as a single dose or multiple dose, single dose treatment is better due to the advantages it provides.
You should definitely take this medicine at the hospital. Your height and weight are measured before the drug is given. After calculating your body surface, 50 mg of drug is applied per square meter. If you feel good 3-4 hours after the drug is administered, you can be discharged. A blood pregnancy test is done twice, on the 4th day and the 7th day. If there is a decrease of more than 15% between the values, it is decided that the treatment is successful. If the reduction is not sufficient, one more dose can be applied. You should give a blood pregnancy test once a week until your blood pregnancy test is negative.
Inguinal pain may occur 1-2 days after the drug is given. This is called separation pain. You should inform your doctor.
If possible, surgical treatment should be performed laparoscopically because of the advantages it provides. Click here for the advantages of laparoscopy. In laparoscopy, if there is blood in the abdomen, it is cleaned. If the ectopic pregnancy is in the tube, a small incision is made on the tube and the ectopic pregnancy is removed from here. If the tube has already burst, if there is bleeding, it may be necessary to remove the tube because the rate of ectopic pregnancy increases in the next pregnancy.
Click to watch the laparoscopic (closed) treatment of ectopic pregnancy.


See your doctor as soon as you know you are pregnant. The distinction between normal pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy should be made immediately.

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