What is an eating and malnutrition disorder?

Among our basic needs such as sleeping and sheltering, there is also our eating behavior. For people to continue their lives, healthy nutrition is of great importance. Although eating behavior seems like a physiological need, it also includes psychological conditions. While nervous or nervous situations increase the eating behavior of people, appetite may decrease in exciting situations. When a factor against healthy eating behavior occurs, people act unconsciously and their reactions may go out of the norm.

Especially in recent years, the media’s emphasis on weakness; It can cause young adults to misinterpret their own body image and lead to behaviors such as excessive exercise, excessive dieting, unhealthy diet, vomiting, and using laxatives. The media, which creates the perception that overweight is not accepted by the society, has a negative effect on people and creates an environment for health-threatening behaviors.

Anorexia Nervosa and Blumiya Nervosa are the most important sub-titles that require immediate initiation of psychological treatment in eating and nutritional disorders. Anorexia Nervosa; Fear of getting fat and gaining weight, which threatens one’s physical health, manifests itself with low body appearance. Individuals do not consider themselves as having problems at that time. In Blumiya Nervosa, While an excessive eating behavior is observed at certain times, as a result, people start to vomit their food for fear of gaining weight. Using laxatives or vomiting at the end of overeating are among the features of Blumiya Nervosa.

Eating disorders, which are more common in western societies, have also made great progress in our country in recent years. Eating disorders, which are considered as important medical conditions, are the diagnostic group that should be treated in terms of physical and psychological health of people. The results deteriorate dramatically when the treatment plan is not followed. In individuals diagnosed with eating disorders, it is important to focus on their psychological state and to create the right formulation by focusing on why, how and how they come to this situation, and to implement a treatment plan for it.

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