What is an Abandonment Scheme?

Abandonment scheme:by the person or persons with whom a person is close extreme anxiety, fear of being abandonedwe can say.
The Abandonment Scheme can be activated in individuals experiencing some form of disconnection or rejection.

to the abandonment scheme If you have one, you experience serious anxiety about being abandoned, even when there is no evidence that your relationship will end. For example, the person with the abandonment schema experiences intense anxiety about abandonment, even when his spouse or partner goes on a business trip, does not answer the phone instantly, comes home late, and does not hear what he is talking about while talking to someone else.

The thought that our partners may abandon us, that we may lose someone in a tragic accident, or that friendships may come and go may cross our minds from time to time. If you have developed a schema of abandonment, this fear tends to be more pervasive and persistent. That everyone we love will eventually leave us or be taken from us. conscious or unconsciousIt may be an expectation.

Abandonment scheme When activated, this schema can make you fight hard for the people you love because you don’t want to lose them: needing more time together, not letting them go by themselves, etc. behind this schematic. the real need is often to want to feel that our emotional ties are reliable and solid;and the feeling that losing people close to us would be unbearable.

If you want to know if your abandonment schema is activated, here are some questions to consider:

Do you often worry about losing your spouse, children or other people close to you?

Do you experience anxiety, anger or jealousy when you have current or previous partner(s)?

Worried that close relationships could end at any moment?

Worried that people are unreliable and might walk away from relationships on a whim?

If you generally answer no to most of these questions, you are unlikely to develop the abandonment schema.

The abandonment scheme If you think it applies to you, start observing when it pops up in your daily life. Recognition is key to changing the patterns that prevent you from achieving your goals.

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