What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

aesthetic dentistry; It provides the patient with a suitable and aesthetically pleasing appearance with his natural face. mouth and teethone of the treatments.

aesthetic tooth The main thing in medicine is the success in the treatment of the patient and the aesthetic result that the patient will be pleased with. For this reason, a dialogue process should definitely be passed with the patient on the subject of aesthetics. While trying to create aesthetics in aesthetic dentistry to be performed in line with the patient’s wishes, biological and functional perspectives should also be considered.

For which situations are aesthetic dentistry applications valid?

  • Coloring of teeth due to certain reasons or dark and colored teeth,
  • Front tooth decay due to many reasons,
  • To the owners of bad-looking teeth, which occur with the retraction of the gums over time,
  • Front teeth broken as a result of any impact or accident,
  • When it is desired to shape the teeth in terms of aesthetics after gingival treatment,
  • In particular, aesthetic dentistry comes into play in making the teeth lost in the anterior region suitable for lip and facial aesthetics.

Recognition of the patient is essential in aesthetic dentistry. Therefore, the first thing that the aesthetic dentist should do is to know the patient and to perceive the patient’s expectation thoroughly. In this respect, each individual’s special tastes, socio-economic level, lifestyle, etc. many other situations must be taken into account. aesthetic dentist In this context, aesthetic applications that promise sweet smiles and suitable for the patient’s face should be initiated. However, in order to obtain better results, the pre-examination period of the patient may need to be long. Aesthetic dentistry does not include an application based entirely on aesthetics. First, a healthy and then aesthetically pleasing mouth and teeth image are aimed together.

aesthetic dentistry The materials and technique to be used for this are determined by the aesthetic dentist. However, before the treatment begins, the quality of the material and the suitability of the material to the patient should be determined. At this stage aesthetic teeth A number of factors that your doctor should have should also be considered. If your dentist is good at many points such as self-confident and knowledgeable decision-making ability and technical skills, you can have teeth with a natural aesthetic perception.

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