Today, the rapid increase in technology has carried the dental field quite forward. aesthetic dentistry Thanks to this, the opportunity to smile happily and comfortably is provided. It is a branch that corrects situations such as crooked teeth, discoloration, and appearance disorders.

aesthetic dentistry We can explain it as a branch that treats oral and dental health with an aesthetic appearance. While this branch provides a better appearance by protecting the health of the teeth, it provides a non-artificial appearance without departing from the naturalness.

People who think aesthetically about teeth should make choices that will look natural while smiling in a way that suits them. In this way, the teeth look natural and healthy.


aesthetic dentistry Artists who were in front of the camera first benefited from the branch. But today, everyone who is uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth benefits from this branch.

Due to the nature of some people, their teeth are cream-colored vetons. Even if they brush, they cannot achieve a white image. For this reason, they put their hands in their mouths while laughing and feel discomfort. Or there will be curvature and deformities in the teeth. aesthetic dentistry it’s like making one’s teeth from scratch. With the completion of the procedure, the teeth become healthier and more beautiful. After this view, it is possible to smile comfortably without putting the hand to the mouth.

It is necessary not to think of the dental event only as an image. Because deformities affect health as much as they affect the image. For example, difficulty in chewing can lead to reasons such as eating disorders, and there may be conditions that affect even the jaw.

Tooth affects people’s self-confidence quite a lot. People with straight teeth speak more confidently than people with dental disorders. They are more comfortable.

A person who can laugh comfortably will be happier in his life and will do successful work. One of the most important factors in this is that he does not have to pull himself back because of his teeth. Since a smile will activate the hormones, it gives energy.


One of the most important factors for people to be happy is to smile. But there are some factors that affect this issue. Some of the factors are:

•Average age affects laughing.

Gums play an important role in laughing

• Teeth structure, color and shape play the leading role.

The person’s face shape

Finally, psychological factors

When we look at these items, we understand that the dental issue affects laughing the most. This is exactly where aesthetic dentistryActivated.

This branch does not directly make one’s teeth. First, he examines the patient’s facial features and deals with the proportions on the face. It reveals the tooth shape that should be done according to these proportions. Thanks to this sensitive work, the person uses his teeth more comfortably and the best posture is ensured. One of the most important factors in human health is dental health. Dental health is not neglected. A happy smile changes everything.

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