What is a Psychological Counselor and What Is Not?

Psychological Counseling is a professional profession. It helps to gain a new perspective to understand the problems of the clients or the issue they bring to the counseling together with the client and to solve them.

Psychological counselors cannot prescribe medication, but they can analyze and guide whether medication is necessary or not.

With concepts such as mental health, psychological well-being, self-realization, which have just begun to normalize in our society, people are inclined to seek psychological support. Of course, this situation is also a psychologist, psychiatrist or psychological counselor? It can create confusion and question marks in the minds. What is a Psychological Counselor for this? I wanted to explain.

Psychological counselor

of individuals,

to overcome the various problems and difficulties they face in their lives.

in order to get rid of psychological-based disorders such as stress, obsession, trauma, depression that they cannot cope with.

To be able to review and rearrange their relations with the environment and themselves.

Recognizing their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve both.

in order to increase their awareness about themselves.

to reach their goals

to improve their quality of life

To make them feel more fit and happy spiritually

provides professional support with its knowledge and expertise.


The patient is not the person who corrects the problematic people. Psychological counseling can also be taken in order to discover and develop himself/herself better.

Advice is not the person giving advice. In psychological counseling, the Counselor does not direct the client.

It is not the person who constantly says positive things that will make you feel good to put you at ease. Counseling is a process. Of course, in this process, we can also find ourselves in emotions such as tired, sad, regret, etc. These are also included in the consultation.

It is not your friend with whom you have trouble/chat. Because the Consultant does not treat you like a friend.

The person who takes responsibility for the client’s life is not the decision maker.

It does not have the magic wand that will solve the problems instantly.

It is not the person who cures problems with medication.

He is not the person who takes full responsibility for the consultation process. (The client should also take responsibility)

In this article, I wanted to explain the subject by focusing on the unknown or wrongly known things about Psychological Counselor. I hope it was useful. Stay with love.

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