What is a kidney ultrasound?

Kidney Ultrasound is also called Renal Ultrasound. Kidney ultrasound is also known as renal ultrasound and this examination is a very easy procedure for the patient. For this examination, the patient is first laid on his back and ultrasound gel is applied to the abdomen, and the kidneys are examined with ultrasound with an ultrasound probe. During the kidney ultrasound, the patient may be asked to turn sideways. The aim here is to visualize the kidney and surrounding tissues from different angles. During the Kidney Ultrasound, it is also possible for the patient to lie face down.

During the kidney ultrasound, not only the kidneys of the patient, but also the bladder and the channels between the kidney and the bladder are examined. This examination is usually requested by urology specialists and the procedure is performed by Radiology Specialist Doctors.

The patient is not required to be hungry before this examination is performed. Before the Kidney Ultrasound, the patient should come by drinking water and collect urine in his bladder. The bladder must be full in order to be examined. Kidney During ultrasound, kidney stones can be detected as well as changes in the kidney due to infection can be examined.

During the kidney ultrasound, the size of the kidney stone to be detected and its location in the kidney are determined. This determination is important in terms of planning the treatment or surgery to be performed by the urology specialist.

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