What is a healthy relationship?

When we say relationship, we often think of romantic relationships, but in fact, we establish a lot of relationships in our life, except for romantic relationships, such as family, friends, teachers, bosses.
Although the foundations of a healthy relationship are mostly based on respect and love, there are many additional items.

We all want to be understood, the first step of being understood should be to be open, to use clear expressions, to share our expectations instead of expecting, of course, first of all, it is very important to be honest with ourselves.
Expressing our emotions in a timely manner, rather than accumulating or suppressing them, helps us overcome crises.

Relationships happen with a balance of giving and receiving. It is the responsibility of the person with whom we are in communication to provide this balance. You must ensure that these responsibilities are shared equally.

Responsibilities and expectations are different in every relationship, so don’t forget that communication moments are yours.

It is very important to take responsibility for what we say and share. That’s why you should stand behind your statements and support it as a behavior.

Being able to empathize not only eases our burden in relationships, but also allows us to gain a different perspective.

You can also apply these items to improve your relationships in a healthier way.

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