What Is 1 Kilo Equivalent to?

1 gram equals 7 calories. In other words, if you want to lose 1000 grams, that is, 1 kilogram, you need to have an energy deficit of 7000 calories. If it is desired to lose 1 kilo in 1 week, an energy deficit of 1000 calories per day must be created. There are two methods of removing this energy deficit.

1) Eating fewer calories than normal.

‘Basal metabolism’Have you heard the definition before? ? Basal metabolism is the amount of energy that the body spends in order to perform its normal functions when the person is in a state of complete rest after 12 hours of fasting.When we multiply this value with the factor called physical activity factor, we get the amount of calories to be taken daily. . physical activity factor It is a value that changes according to the person’s mobility during the day. If a calorie intake is below the daily calorie intake; The missing amount of calories is released by burning the tissues accumulated in the body. This condition is called weight loss.

Simple changes we make in our daily lives greatly affect our calorie intake. For example;

  • Boiling or grilling methods can be used instead of frying. In this case, the calories of the oil used for frying are automatically excluded from the calories.

  • Make your own snacks at home. If the potato chips are made in less oil and in the oven, the amount of calories will be reduced.

  • Meet your sweet needs from fruits instead of chocolate. You can reduce the amount of calories by adding spices such as cinnamon, cocoa to fruits or by adding a small amount to melted dark chocolate.

  • While preparing your salads, instead of preparing sauces with pomegranate syrup, cream, mayonnaise, you can prefer simple olive oil dressings.

2) Increase physical activity.

The second way to create a calorie deficit is to increase physical activity. So much so that even if your daily calorie intake is normal, when the amount of physical activity increases, a calorie deficit will arise again, since the energy spent for this activity will be provided by the body, not from food.

Some physical activities and the amount of calories consumed;

  • Pilates = 250-450 calories

  • Zumba = 300 calories

  • Yoga = 360 calories

  • Dancing = 250-300 calories

  • Walking = 200-400 calories

  • House cleaning = 200-300 calories

(Calculated over 1 hour and differs according to weight and pace. Tables are average values.)

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