What Happens After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Much has been written about questions and answers before breast silicone surgery, which is often performed for women with small breasts. However, it is useful to know what will happen next. Aesthetic surgeon Op. Dr. Defne Erkara gave information about after breast augmentation.

Your breast augmentation surgery is over, how will you feel when you go to your room?

After the effect of the anesthesia wears off, you should get up and walk a little. Afterwards, you will be given food. After you eat it, you will be able to do your daily work such as toilet etc. You will feel heaviness in your chest area. As a result, there will be an extra burden. Of course, the skin, the muscle will have to accept it. This is a process that takes some time, this feeling varies from person to person. Because although the silicone is not very heavy, we create a place by pushing the skin and other tissues in the chest area. So there will be a feeling of tension, even a slight pain, that it gives. However, the 24-hour effective painkillers we use in the surgery will relieve you during the period when the most intense pain can be experienced.

Afterwards, ice is applied to prevent excessive edema. Ice application should be started immediately. So you will be able to heal faster without much swelling and pain. You will be able to recover a lot with the first bath you will take in about three days. You should spend this process resting more. It is also useful not to neglect light walks in the house, and to see your own business. You will use a sports bra for 1 month.

There are various questions about the feelings experienced during this period. Some say I suffered a lot, some say it didn’t hurt at all. How they differ:

  • skin elasticity,

  • whether or not she has given birth before,

  • the size of the breast,

  • whether the skin structure of the rib cage is hard or not,

  • the size of the prosthesis placed

That’s why no one should compare anyone with one another. In other words, it is usually possible to make a more accurate assessment in line with the information your doctor will give you after the examination.

You should stay away from activities such as sauna, pool, hammam for 1 month. In the sea season, it is better not to swim in the sea for 1 month. During the daytime, you should stay in the shade as much as possible and not sunbathe.

Protection from complications

Capsular contracture is the most unwanted complication after breast augmentation. Studies have shown that the most important reason for this is the blows received especially in the first month. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the breast very well for 1 month. In particular, it is necessary to avoid hitting something, heavy work and sports that require arm movement, carrying heavy bags, etc. Again, by avoiding these blows, you can protect yourself from side effects such as bleeding.

In conclusion: breast augmentation surgery is not an operation that will force you much. However, after all, it is an operation in which you receive general anesthesia. You must be healthy enough to receive anesthesia and strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations after surgery.

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