What does therapy mean?

The word meaning of therapy; Following a diagnosis, it can be treated as an attempt to cure a health problem. The words care, therapy, treatment and intervention are in the same semantic field and are used interchangeably as synonyms depending on the context. But when it comes to psychotherapy, we need to manipulate and transform all of these meanings. Because psychotherapy is not care, it has a different understanding of treatment and its intervention is often cognitive. So what is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy; It is the use of psychological methods based on regular personal interaction to help a person change and overcome their problems in a desired direction. Psychotherapy; It aims to improve the individual’s well-being and mental health, to analyze and soothe his compulsive behaviors, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts and most of all, to improve his personal relationships and social skills.

At its most basic, psychotherapy is a state of being related. From the moment we are born, we need to establish a relationship and the reality of the therapy room is built on this need. The relationship established between the therapist and the client in the therapy room uses all the possibilities of communication. In this relationship, which is built only on words, gestures and facial expressions, none of these are therapeutic. The embodiment of the inexpressible, our hidden, hidden, dark side, in the witness of the therapist, constitutes the therapeutic aspect of this encounter, which is unlike the relationships we establish outside. Therefore, psychotherapy; It is not a counseling, advice/asking, truth-knowing or venting environment, it is a unique experience in which one turns to himself, discovers himself, experiences relationship and analyzes his desire.

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