What Do Women Expect From Men?

Studies show that the speech center in the brain of women is 35% larger than that of men.

Men often prefer to use only one lobe of their brain in a situation. They either make predominantly logical or emotional decisions. Women, on the other hand, can use both sides of their brains in the face of situations. They can find solutions in which both logic and emotional perspective are effective.

While it is important for women to express their feelings to their spouses, the important thing for men is to achieve results. A man can only provide spiritual satisfaction to his wife by listening. The woman can also provide emotional support without being manipulative towards the man and without intervening beyond the borders, simply by accepting him. When a man feels accepted and a woman feels cared for, she can develop a belief that she is loved.

What is important for women is the sharing process and the way her husband focuses on himself during this process. Listening to his wife by looking into her eyes increases her emotional resilience. A man’s effective listening to himself strengthens the woman’s spiritual resources.

What Do Men Expect From Women?

The man, on the other hand, expects the woman to accept him with his existing features, for his wife to see him as successful, and to appreciate his positive behavioral features.

Expectations can vary between men and women in married life. At this point, it is important to clarify the expectations of the spouses from each other by talking at the beginning of the marriage. If the spouses do not know each other’s priority, the atmosphere of marriage can be tense at any moment.

men; They expect the compassion and unconditional self-sacrifice they receive from their mothers from their spouses after marriage. The man whose socks were removed by his mother until he got married; After marriage, he automatically compares his wife with his mother in the face of some of his wife’s reactions. However, the behavior of his mother, who “normalizes excessive self-sacrifice and creates his own self in this way” pushes the man to inertia. However, regardless of gender, it is expected from the parties in an ideal marriage that each person is capable of meeting their individual needs.

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