What Do We Overlook When Raising Children?

Many of the parents often express that they love their children, but while doing this, they often ignore that the child’s need for love cannot be met with words. Of course, it is not a wrong behavior for them to express their loved ones, but this is not enough for the child when he is always in words and not put into action.

What children can and cannot do varies according to each age period. Parents should guide their children in this regard. In recent years, parents It gives unlimited freedom to children under the name of developing their children’s self-confidence. Later, because children are children and there is no correct guidance, they may deviate from different paths, or parents begin to question more about where they went wrong, especially when their children reach puberty. Parents who leave the boundaries their children need too loose are usually parents who have not learned to be an authority. Some of the mothers and fathers who cannot set the necessary limits for their children are mothers and fathers who have grown up under strict pressure. The strict and narrow boundaries also cause the child to be deficient in the necessary guidance. Parents must also act consistently in order to maintain the rules and limitations imposed on children (provided, of course, that these rules and limits are reasonable, appropriate and not rigid).

Good parents are parents who respect the rights of themselves and others and can instill this in their children. Parents should be able to show this situation to their children by struggling against the difficulties of life.

It is often misinterpreted that no punishment or hindrance is given to the child in terms of child education. Excessive tolerance and indiscipline cause children to behave selfishly and inconsistently in society. When we think that we cannot know anyone better than their parents, the rules and limits to be set will of course vary from child to child. We must accept that children have a world of their own, and We should not take away their rights by saying that we should be disciplined parents. Giving unlimited freedom doesn’t mean being a good parent, you need to be a good mentor when raising your child, as no one can know your child better than you.

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