What do men want?

Until today, the expectations of men as a society have not been emphasized much, women have always been asked what they want, and few comments have been made about what men want. So what does a man want from a woman?

Let’s take a journey into the inner world of men who do not live their lives in details as much as women. However, I will not use classic phrases such as men want to be comfortable, want to be happy, or want at least three children. First, let’s agree that men, like women, can have expectations.

So what are they?

Men want to live their lives simply, without going into too much detail, simple, free and unrestricted.

Men want to be taken care of. He wants to feel important, to have a place in society and to be valued by his family and friends. He wants a wife who can always be by his side and support him in the steps he will take towards the future, listen to him without judgment and exchange ideas.

These feelings of ‘loyalty, trust and frankness’ are the most important ground emotions that men want to feel in women. This ground, which is also important for women, is a little more difficult for men in terms of credibility. As the man feels comfortable in a relationship that he trusts, he will begin to share his secrets with you and show commitment to you.

Another important issue that should be underlined that men expect from women is boundaries. Men may sometimes want to spend time individually with their circle of friends. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you or doesn’t like spending time with you anymore. At this point, I would like to remind you that what is restricted will always be more attractive. Men, like women, may occasionally yearn for the “me” life before the “us”. At this point, instead of interfering in each other’s life, the spouses’ respect as long as they do not go to extremes will both make the couple happy and increase the quality of the relationship.

They choose women who look like their mothers. The place where they first experience the feeling of compassion and feel most comfortable is in their mother’s lap. For this reason, a woman who is like their mother is a priority and a priority for them. Because the mother does not go no matter what, she loves unconditionally and fills her stomach with good food. A man who is aware of this wants to unite his life with the woman he sees closest to this line.

Men want to be loved for who they choose to be, not for what they do. Men, like women, are hungry for unconditional love and attention. This is the reason why the woman they see with them even when they lose it is much more valuable to them. They don’t want to be changed, they want to be accepted as they are. One of the issues that men are not satisfied with in their environment, work environment or relationships is being asked to change.

Men want a woman who knows her responsibilities, can take on her job and give it her due. A self-sufficient, self-sufficient woman is always strong and interesting. She is not the working woman here. She is a woman who is strong and does not give up in every aspect of life.

men; They find women who are hardy, tolerant, gentle and caring more attractive. The reason for this is that they want to see that the woman has the sense of motherhood and motherhood capacity.

They care about appearance. The physical characteristics of the woman in their life, being well-groomed and organized are important to them. Just as beauty is relative, the judgment that they like a thin woman or a fishy woman is also relative and varies from man to man.

Men do not like unnecessary talk and criticism. Instead of talking too much, they want a woman who knows how to listen and speaks on the spot. The reason for this is that they choose to live a simpler and more trouble-free life than women. That’s why a woman who communicates remembers the story in full detail, while the man only memorizes the main idea. Like women, they do not think about every event in different ways, they approach things from one side.

They want a woman who can speak her mind without fear. The man is clear and expects it from the other. They never like mind games and intrigues.

Sometimes men can avoid expressing their feelings. Instead of crying, feeling sad or offended, they show these feelings with anger or by being quiet. Although this is not true for all men, some men see crying and sadness as a sign of weakness/weakness, not a natural feeling.

Interest makes everyone happy. However, if the dose of this interest is not adjusted and your focus is only on the man, this will make you ordinary in his eyes. Even if you think you are very interested in the beginning, it will become suffocating after a while. You should make a life for yourself and engage in activities without which you can spend quality time. It is possible for a woman who is not at peace with herself and her life to act too judgmental and control freak to the man in her life. This uncontrolled interest will eventually overwhelm the man.

If you want to know if a man loves you, focus on what he does, not his words. Because men often choose to show their emotions with their actions, not their words. Instead of saying I love you, they express it with body language, small surprises or taking something you like. However, if you hear this sentence in any situation where it will benefit or benefit you, don’t believe it too much.

Men want to see the woman next to them happy and peaceful. This is a message of strength given to the environment for them and their spouse’s happiness symbolizes the satisfaction of “I am a good husband/father and I fulfill my responsibilities”.

In conclusion, I should add that each person has uniquely different personality structures. What suits one person may not suit another, so observing and discovering the person in front of you will give more realistic results.

I hope you get to know each other properly and establish healthy relationships.

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