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When the living conditions get heavy, when things don’t go as you want, when your routine duties and responsibilities start to seem like a burden to you. From time to time, you may think that the weakening of your body, the change of air, and the unbalanced attitudes of the people around you are the cause of relaxation.

These search for causes are temporary solutions and the increase in general pain in your body, the feeling that your heart will burst while you are at the wheel or at your workplace, while you are waiting for the bread, your blood pressure rises or falls, you get intolerantly angry with those around you, and you feel like you are going to faint continue to disrupt your life significantly. In the case of this high level of anxiety that you experience increasing, do your people ask, “Do you have a panic attack, too?” And you start asking what’s in Me? In this article, it is aimed to find a short answer to this.

We misidentify some feelings, thoughts and concepts in society. Information pollution on the Internet and in some unconsciously compiled self-help books affects our definitions and causes us difficulties in understanding what we are experiencing. So let’s reiterate some of the feelings we think we know and the definitions of our troubles.

What does Anxiety, Fear and Panic Attack mean?

Fear is one of the real basic emotions that is likely to be experienced by everyone. It is a response to a real danger that we can perceive and face. In the face of fear, both our body and mind become active. Our reactions are not limited to our bodies.

If anxiety; It is related to the feeling of fear, but the difference between them is that anxiety is more about the future. For example, we fear being attacked by a tiger in a forest, but we worry if it is for an upcoming exam or presentation. Therefore, anxiety is a long-lasting emotion that spreads over a longer period of time.

Panic attack; It describes a condition that is in a lot of use among the public. In other words, if you say that my heart feels like it will burst out of nowhere for no reason, when you say that I can’t breathe, it is immediately said that you have a panic attack and see a doctor. However, a panic attack is a sudden reaction to a perceived threatening situation, which is characterized by distinctive reactions and is predominantly accompanied by bodily sensations. Not every bodily change indicates that you have a panic attack.

Sensation of rapid increase in heart rate, difficulty and frequency of breathing, chest tightness and chest pain, tremors or shaking, nausea, abdominal pain, numbness and tingling, dizziness, drowsiness, distraction, fear of death, fear of losing control or going crazy etc. reactions begin to create distrust of one’s sense of control over one’s own body, each attack may begin to occur more than once during the day and continue from a few minutes to an hour.

In order to avoid attacks, the person begins to isolate himself from many activities and environments. In whatever situation and environment the attacks occurred, the person now tries to stay away from that situation and environment or people in his daily life, runs away. There is an anxious expectation of when the next attack will come. Even the question of whether he will be in this situation now begins to cause the attack to come.

The thing that forces the person the most in a panic attack; Having the fear that the attacks may be a symptom of another bodily disease. This fear creates intense anxiety in the long term, which again increases the frequency of attacks.

What should you do if you have frequent panic attacks?

One of the most powerful ways to overcome your panic attacks is to strengthen your awareness by being informed about it. You must have questions to ask yourself. What causes these attacks? What different problems accompany this? How can you help yourself?

You should find a doctor you can trust and detail your symptoms and concerns.

Go through a solid physical scan.

If you are diagnosed with a physical ailment, get your treatment done without delay.

If your doctor has not found any physical cause for your panic attacks, it would be beneficial to apply for psychological support and treatment without losing time.

You should receive the necessary expert psychologist and psychiatrist support (psychotherapy and psychiatric interventions) for the treatment and control of panic attacks and/or other accompanying mental disorders without delay. In this way, it will be possible to prevent your existing ailments from becoming chronic.

While different problems can be tolerated with our coping mechanisms in different ways, when you get timely psychological support after traumatic experiences/traumas; You can increase your low quality of life caused by these problems and prevent chronic diseases.

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