What causes tooth sensitivity, what is the treatment?

Sensibility; It is a problem that occurs in the form of sharp and short-lasting pain caused by the teeth against hot and cold, some foods and even tooth brushing.

Under the outermost hard enamel layer of the tooth, there is a porous layer called “dentin” that covers the nerves that stimulate pain. In cases where the tooth enamel is eroded and the dentin tissue is exposed, the nerves become vulnerable to hot, cold and other factors. As a result, it can cause a sudden pain in the teeth with the intake of various nutrients.

tooth sensitivity; It may occur due to wear of the tooth enamel for various reasons (such as excessive consumption of acidic foods, incorrect tooth brushing), fractures and cracks in the tooth enamel, and recessions in the gingiva.

Using the right brushing technique with a medium or soft toothbrush, avoiding abrasive toothpastes, choosing fluoride mouthwashes, and regular use of desensitizing toothpastes can alleviate tooth sensitivity. If your complaints persist, you should contact your dentist and start treatments that prevent sensitivity.

In the presence of advanced sensitivity, simple treatment approaches with desensitizing agents can be applied. However, if the sensitivity cannot be removed and severe abrasions are observed on the teeth, the sensitivity of the teeth can be removed with different restorations.

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