What Causes Eyebrow Shedding, How Is It Prevented?

Eyebrows are an important element of the beauty of the human face. Eyebrows, which significantly affect facial expression and appearance, can fall out in certain periods. Of course, there are some reasons for shedding. Just as there are causes of hair and eyelash loss. Eyebrows that are already less than the root; it can create a bad image when it spills and starts to thin. It is possible to prevent this situation by understanding the causes of spillage and determining what was done wrong.


Undoubtedly, stress is one of the leading factors that will cause eyebrow loss. The damage that stress does to the human body does not stop there. The main cause of hair loss and many skin health problems is usually stress. Stress should be avoided as much as possible to help stop eyebrow shedding and maintain general body health.

eyebrow removal

Everyone knows that especially women often get eyebrows removed. This is less care for men compared to women. Eyebrow removal, which is one of the important causes of eyebrow loss, can be permanently poured if done incorrectly. Frequent eyebrow removal is also an important cause of eyebrow loss.

Thyroid diseases

Too low or too high thyroid levels cause some health problems in the body. Two of the most common conditions are hair and eyebrow loss. It is possible to treat thyroid diseases by using medication or by choosing surgery. If the cause of hair and eyebrow loss is irregularity in your thyroid values, you can return to your healthy days after your treatment program.

Inadequate and unhealthy diet

As with many skin health problems, unbalanced nutrition is a factor that can lead to eyebrow loss. It is very important to take all the vitamins required for hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and skin health with a proper and good diet. If you do not have such a nutrition program, you may be faced with many vitamin deficiencies. As a result, in addition to the loss of eyebrows; Various skin problems, primarily hair loss, can also be observed. Therefore, we see adequate and balanced nutrition as a necessity that cannot be neglected.

Side effects of drugs

As you know, many drugs can have side effects that differ from person to person. The reason for your shedding complaint may be due to the side effects of these drugs if you are using them. For this, you should read your drug leaflets in detail.


Chemical-containing make-up materials that are frequently applied to the eyebrows can result in shedding. Pressure on the eyebrow area while applying make-up can also be shown as a separate reason for shedding.

Treatment of eyebrow lossI

There are various ways that male and female individuals with eyebrow loss complaints can follow. Many oil and cure applications that have proven to be beneficial can eliminate the complaint of eyebrow loss and make thinning eyebrows thicker. While this problem can be solved by choosing natural ways, eyebrow transplantation can also be applied.

Indian Oil

Regular application of castor oil to the eyebrows; it can stop the shedding by making the eyebrows thicker. You can apply this method before going to sleep at night.

coconut oil

Coconut oil, which is an important solution to skin problems, can create miraculous effects in eyebrow shedding. You can apply coconut oil to your eyebrows to restore their old health.


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