What can a man and woman do for a good spousal relationship?

It should not be forgotten that a good relationship takes effort. When you show the necessary care and effort in your relationship, you will feel the results in all areas of your life.

A good spousal relationship is not served on a platter to anyone!

Here are a few tricks

What Can a Woman Do for a Good Spousal Relationship?

I know that he needs his “cave” to relax and solve his problems. I won’t bother him there until he returns of his own accord. (John Gray)

I know my partner needs approval: “I’m proud of you…” or “It’s great that you did this…”

I wouldn’t make her feel guilty if she has to work on the weekend or meet up with her friends.

I’m careful not to try to fix it or change it. I trust him and accept him as he is.

If he’s angry, I know it’s only momentary. I know that his anger is about himself, not his love for me. I forgive him for that.

I don’t reproach him. I don’t make sentences with “I” messages, I don’t say things like “From now on…”, “You don’t make time for me…”. Instead, “I miss our conversations so much.” or “I would love it if we … did it together.” etc. i say.

I express myself in short sentences so that my partner can understand me, I come to the point.

I know you can’t know what I want by lip reading. So I give him a tip or buy home flowers for myself.

If he rejects me when I ask for his support, I respect him setting his own limits at that moment.

If he wants to make up after a conflict, if he does something small for me, I see it as his way of apologizing and show him that I forgive him.

I show my wife that I am glad to see her when she comes home.

I am moderate when I share my negative feelings with him. I avoid accusatory, condemning, careless behaviors.

I don’t mind him. (While driving, parking, etc.)

Don’t let your love change (don’t stop loving), or your most beautiful dream can turn into a nightmare.

What Can a Man Do for a Good Spousal Relationship?

I hug my wife at least twice a day.

If I’m late, I’ll call home.

My wife is the last and most important job of the day for me and I keep that in mind when I see her.

I never read the newspaper or watch TV while chatting with my wife.

I try to listen to him and offer solutions only when he wants to.

I compliment my wife at least three times a week.

I surprise him with short notes: “I was thinking of you right now…”, “Because I love you so much…”, “Your existence is incredible!” etc.

I show him that I love him with small gifts. For example, with a small flower or candy… What matters is not the value of the gift, but the thought itself.

If he is sad, angry or tired, I pay special attention to him and offer help.

I don’t drive fast at his request; because after all he is powerless sitting in the next seat.

Don’t let your love change (don’t stop loving), or your most beautiful dream can turn into a nightmare.

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