What are the vaginismus treatment methods?

It is an informative article about vaginismus treatment methods. While there is no problem during foreplay, vaginismus is the involuntary contraction of the pelvic muscles in the vagina during intercourse, where the union cannot occur. It is the inability to take any foreign object (finger, penis, tampon, suppository, etc.) into the vagina even though it is desired due to these strong contractions.

Vaginismus, which is seen in one of every 10 women in our country, is a symptom that can be treated one hundred percent.

Vaginismus treatment may vary in terms of the practitioner center and the methods of the specialists. Vaginismus treatment is treated by us in a short time, definitively and permanently. The main treatment methods are;


Although finger exercises have been used in the treatment of vaginismus for many years, they have lost their validity in recent modern applications.

The finger exercise application starts with touching, massage, mirror exercises for the person to explore the vagina and includes a long and tedious process that starts with the first knuckle of the little finger and continues by gradually taking the whole finger into the vagina in the form of the middle finger and then two fingers.

It is difficult for the patients to carry out the applications as homework and not to be under the control of the specialist during the treatment. Because the application is challenging, the process is usually interrupted and patients drop out.


Kegel exercise is an application method that is very useful in the treatment of vaginismus. Exercise performed in the form of tight-release pelvic muscles helps to control the involuntary contractions of the muscles by creating awareness. Kegel exercises are beneficial, but not a stand-alone treatment.


It is a method applied to prevent involuntary contraction of the pelvic muscles covering 3/4 of the vagina. With Botox applied to the pelvic muscles, a kind of paralysis is provided to the muscles. Although it is frequently applied by many experts, it is seen that the symptoms recur after the effect of botox has passed between 3 and 6 months. Therefore, it does not constitute a permanent solution.


One of the causes of vaginismus is lack of information and distortions that do not reflect reality. In order to reconstruct these distortions and correct the lack of information, cognitive sexual therapy It is important. Cognitive sexual therapy is one of the supportive methods in the treatment of vaginismus.


Behavioral sexual therapy is the method that gives the best results in the treatment of vaginismus. It includes a number of exercises that permanently eliminate involuntary contractions in the vagina. It is important that these exercise exercises are determined according to the needs of the patient, that is, it is determined individually. In this sense, when the behavioral sexual therapy method is combined with other scientific methods, it creates a permanent solution.


Although hypnotherapy is a supportive method that reduces the anxiety level of the person, reduces the effects of past traumas and accelerates the patient’s compliance with the treatment, it is not a treatment method alone.

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