What are the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder?

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The most common obsessive symptoms are:

Excessive doubt and need for constant trust

The drive for symmetry, order and perfection

Don’t be afraid to think sinful

Fear of socially unacceptable behavior or being disgraced

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Don’t be afraid to hurt someone else

Fear of contamination or contamination

The most common symptoms of compulsions are:

Not shaking hands, not holding the doorknob

Repeatedly washing hands, taking a shower

Collecting and hoarding worthless objects

Doing things to be done a certain number of times and in a certain order

Repeating certain phrases, words, or prayers

Stuck on images, words, or thoughts that are disturbing, haunting, and disruptive to sleep

Don’t eat your meals in a certain order

Organizing household or personal belongings in a certain way

The urge to count loudly or constantly while doing daily routine tasks

Constantly checking the items that need to be closed, such as locks, stoves, irons, electricity

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