What are the signs of delayed language & speech in children?

During the pandemic, parents became more attentive to the development of their children during our stay at home. Especially since families working from home spend more time with their children, they have started to closely observe their children’s language and speech problems. I’m sure most parents have a lot of question marks in their minds. “My daughter is 2 years old, she speaks but has 10 words. back?”or “My son is 3.5 years old, but his speech is still incomprehensible. Is it a sign of delay?”I would like to explain and guide you the characteristics of normal language and speech development and what delayed language and speech symptoms may actually be for many client parents with anxious thoughts.

Eye contact is one of the building blocks of preverbal communication. 6 month olda baby begins to make eye contact with the people around him, and a 9-month-old baby has established eye contact. 9 monthswith 12 monthsbetween ‘ ‘jargon”There is speech-like speech and babies make meaningless sounds. 12th monthwhen we babies mama, daddy, grandpaThey begin to produce words such as

14-15 monthsa child has 4-5 words and can understand simple commands. 18 monthsa child can say 50 words and understand more. Language and speech development of an 18-month-old child begins to accelerate after this period.

age 2 When it comes to the child’s vocabulary, there are 200-300 words and he can now express himself verbally by forming two-word sentences. His speech is also 50% understandable by foreigners.

a 3 year old boynow it does more than that!

He knows 1000 words, forms sentences of 3-4 words, has acquired many consonant sounds and his speech begins to be understood by foreigners at a rate of 75%.

4 years old On the other hand, the child begins to express his/her problem more clearly and clearly. His entire speech is understood by 90-100% and he/she makes sentences of 5 to 8 words. ”Why ?” Can understand and answer questions. Can speak in adult style. Can easily interact with other children and adults.

5 years old a child can tell what he goes through at school, outside, at home and create stories from the world of dreams. Can form complex sentences. Uses various adjectives, pronouns, adverbs and conjunctions in their sentences.

The language and speech development stages between the ages of 0-5 above show us how the language and speech development of children of different ages should be. But what are the symptoms of delayed language and speech?

Request! Symptoms of Delayed Language and Speech Disorder…

Absence of simple words consisting of repetitive syllables in a 12-month-old child,

An 18-month-old child lacks 50 words and an 18-month-old child does not progress in language and speech development.

A 2-year-old child does not form 2-word sentences and does not make combinations of words,

The words used by a 3-year-old child are limited, he does not form sentences of 3-4 words, his speech intelligibility is low,

A 4-year-old child still uses many consonants incorrectly, his speech is not completely intelligible, he makes short sentences, communicates by pointing,

A 5-year-old child’s difficulty in answering 5W1W questions (What-Why-Where-When-How, etc.), avoiding communication, incomprehensible speech, “door” instead of “door”, “flower” instead Continuing to say “titet” and still no one understands what he is saying except his mother and father,

It is one of the symptoms of delayed speech and language disorder.

So what should families do in such a situation?

As a speech and language therapist, my advice to you, dear families, is to seek help from a speech and language therapist when you observe a delay or regression in language and speech characteristics, no matter what age range your child is. “Let’s wait anyway”, “His father spoke late, it’s enough to wait”Having thoughts like this can cause your child to stand still or even to regress.

Remember! Early diagnosis and guidance will open the door for your child to express himself better.

I wish you healthy days.

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