What are the risks that await athletes with diabetes?

According to research done foot and ankle injuriescommon among all athletes, soldiers, and high-performance athletes, athletes with diabetesThey are at a significantly higher risk for fractures, sprains, and other foot and ankle injuries compared to those without diabetes.

Foot injuries of diabetic athletesas one of the main reasons why it is more prone to neuropathythat is, loss of sensation in the foot due to nerve damage and many athlete with diabetesthey don’t realize they are hurt or in pain.

Most of the time, despite being injured, they continue their normal routine and cause increased damage.

neuropathyIn addition, it is stated that athletes with diabetes also have other diabetes-related foot problems.

Foot problems, combined with an compromised immune system and poor blood circulation, can increase the risk of infection and limit the delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to the injured area.

This does not mean that athletes with diabetes should stay away from sports and training. Training is especially important and necessary for them.

The important point here is that athletes with diabetes should pay special attention to their feet.

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