What are the risks of heart attack in young people?

Heart attack is generally known as a disease of old age. However, research indicates that although the total number of heart attack cases has decreased over the years, its incidence in young people is increasing.

Stress and Obesity Increase the Risk of Disease

“If people with congenital heart abnormalities are not routinely checked for heart disease, a heart attack can occur at a young age. Factors such as changing lifestyles, stress, inactivity, smoking and obesity also increase the incidence of heart attack among young people. Our heart constantly pumps circulating blood throughout our body. This is essential for meeting the nutrient and oxygen needs of the cells in our body and for organs and tissues to perform their duties. Therefore, the heart is a vital organ. The circulating blood is pumped to the heart through an artery called the coronary artery. The inability of blood to be pumped to the heart is called a heart attack. Sudden onset of heart attack is called acute myocardial infarction in medicine. As a result of a heart attack, the heart muscles are deprived of oxygen and the heart tissue is damaged. A heart attack can have serious life-threatening consequences. Heart attacks can occur due to various genetic and environmental factors. The most known and common cause is the blockage of the artery feeding the heart. Atherosclerosis, popularly known as arteriosclerosis; It is formed by the accumulation of substances such as fat and cholesterol in the veins. These deposits are called plaques. These plaques, which form in the arteries that feed the heart or form elsewhere in the body and reach the artery, can block the artery and cause a heart attack. A heart attack does not occur only because of arteriosclerosis. Congenital conditions such as structural defects in the heart, vessels or heart valves or rhythm disorders are among the causes of heart attack. ” said.

What Are Heart Attack Risk Factors in Teens?

For many years, age was thought to be the most important risk factor for heart attack. “It is said that heart attacks generally affect older people. The possibility of young people having a heart attack does not come to mind. However, cigarette, alcohol and substance use; genetic predispositions and congenital anatomical disorders are among the risk factors for heart attack in young people. As lifestyles change, the number of young adults with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high LDL cholesterol levels is increasing day by day. People with these diseases have a higher risk of having a heart attack than people who do not have these conditions. Also, people with a family history of heart disease or heart attack are more likely to have a heart attack. When evaluated as a whole; Low quality of life, unhealthy diet, smoking and congenital structural defects in cardiovascular structures are the main reasons that increase the risk of heart attack in young people.

What should be done to reduce the risk of heart attack in young people?

”Heart attacks that occur at an early age, if not taken precautions and not treated, lead to progression of arteriosclerosis and recurrence of heart attack in later ages. Studies have shown that 30% of people who have had a heart attack at the age of 36 on average die within 15 years. Therefore, those who have a family history of heart disease, smoker; Young people with risk factors such as obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol should be evaluated by a specialist physician. The sports branches that young people who are thought to be at risk of heart attack are engaged in professionally or amateurly should also be evaluated by a physician. The risk of heart attack can occur at any age without these risk factors. For this reason, it is important for people who do not have any disease or a family history of heart attack or heart disease to have their cardiovascular health checked by specialist physicians every 4 to 6 years.

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