What are the Harms of Eating Children’s Meals at School?

School bells began to ring. During these times, most parents ignore school nutrition while focusing on their children’s school success. But we should not forget that the source of success of children is a good school nutrition. School age is also a period when children’s eating habits change and the foundations of their lifelong diet are laid.

How Can We Prevent Malnutrition at School!

Since school-age children are in the age of growth and development, they must consume every food group in a balanced way. We can list these food groups as meat group, dairy group, cereal group and fruit-vegetable group. As we all know, most of the foods sold in school canteens are far from these food groups, and on the contrary, they consist of packaged products with very high sugar content, harmful fats but also attractive images. Such foods pave the way for the emergence of many metabolic disorders in the future of children and harm their growth and development.

Of course, we cannot control the food children eat at school every minute of every day. Children may turn to these attractive packaged foods at school, or they may not like the food in the cafeteria and skip meals. In order to prevent these possibilities, you can prepare a lunch box of foods that you have prepared for your children. In the lunch box, you can completely turn to your child’s taste and favorite foods. You can make your snacks healthy by supplementing with a sandwich made with kefir and whole wheat bread, along with your child’s favorite types of nuts, as well as fresh fruits and dried fruits. In addition, you should definitely get your children into the habit of breakfast before sending them to school in order to prevent them from getting hungry quickly during the day and turning to packaged foods. A strong breakfast in the morning keeps the child fit during the day and increases school performance. You can arrange dinner by looking at the lunch at school and ensure that your children have a balanced diet.

Teach kids about proper nutrition with nutrition education!

You can’t always follow what children eat, but you can give them proper nutrition habits by giving them nutrition education at home. Healthy nutrition starts with the role model of parents in the family and is learned. With the beginning of school, these eating habits develop and change. For this reason, you should teach them to gain the right eating habits by telling them which foods are good for them in the home environment, which foods are harmful and how to grow in a healthy way. However, while teaching your children, you should not force and punish your children, on the contrary, you should make them love healthy eating and gain this habit in a fun way. Finally, you should not forget that this is a lifelong natural process.

I wish everyone healthy and happy days.

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